park of the Ticino      Region Lombardy Region Piedmont



To protect the wonderful corner of rich world of cried and animals, story and culture, traditions, fertile lands and forests that the river Ticino gave him, the man, in 1974, created around the river a Regional Park, the Lombard Park of the Valley of the Ticino, the first one founded in Italy. Its territory (90.640 hectares) it is extended on the provinces of Milan, Varese, Pavia and Novara and interests quite 46 communes.    

To management,that entrusted at The Consorzio Lombardo the Valley of the Ticino is developed in a tight collaboration with the favorite area twins namely the Natural Park Piedmontese of the Ticino (6.250 hectares). The "Blue River", like still comes called from the people that lives on its sides, is long 248 km, is born from the glaciers of the Alpses Lepontine in Switzerland at Novena valic, travels then the splendide valleys of the Canton Ticino to end up in, still in Switzerland, in the Maggiore Lake of whom is the main tributary and the sole emissary. 

After this short "story" of our river, we pass to describe short the route that we will confront to the inside of the same park:

Different they are the possibility offers from the thick net of paths and routes that go through entirely the park, and therefore of time in time will be able to decide from what place to carry out the departure, I obviate also in function of the length of the route that we will choose.

Bereguardo, Pavia, Besate, Zelata, Vigevano, Casterno, they are some of the centers from which leaves the route for our "tour",15-20.40-50 kilometers for every training, hence we will meet  incredible single-track to back of the blue river, capable of to satisfy also the biker plus experts, exciting the technologies of "bike driving". In the full respect of the neighboring environment, will observe closes of landscapes that remember the French brughiere, a true oneShort and binding it will do however to amuse whoever without to tire. Our spirit is absolutely impronted to the contact interpersonal, to the healthy and cordial meeting place between friends, that privilege the fun respecting the environment, therefore nothing racing or spectacle circleshows, but a good occasion to spend a day to the open air.


                                         Emphasized in RED the touché places during the trips, in GREEN the points of departure

We Will Be near natural oasis like "La fagiana" that all is situated’inside at homonymroute naturalistic in order to doing not see, the itinerary is loosened for 1.500 m and is stocked with explanatory bacheche in language “braille” that allow the recognition of the main trees present in this area.

Arrive Us likely of to observe and to admire animals that we were not gotten used to meet for some time, the reserve offers for example a shelter to a lot of species ornitologic, you suffice to think that The Cascina Venara is seat also of the Center Cicogne in of the Po Plain.

Surely worthy of note I am also the large hydraulic works, the fleets and the little rivers of irrigation, of ancient agricultural systems of cultivation and of works of large value architectonics like the mills or the "Cascine".



The bridge of boats, The Sforzesca. ..and then, Vigevano, the Dogana Austroungarica, and still the terrazzi, well off road to 360° the route entirely tabelled offer a fan of choices really without comparisons! therefore.. We Wait for yourselves!

                                                                              The River Ticino                         The bridge of boats of Bereguardo