ADDA NORTH PARK                                       



Our trip has beginning from Trezzo sull'Adda, where is possible to admire the homonymous castle, of whom today awn the primitive fortress longobarda that the tradition wants built from the queen Teodolinda. From the first one fortress they were born originate a tormented story of struggles, of conquests and of dead that see protagonists Federico Barbarossa, the Torriani, and the Visconti, therefore by the side entirely the course of the river, touch themselves, Paderno D' Adda with its The bridge in iron that unanimously is considered like a true and actual symbol of the industrial archeology national, and like an of the most interesting accomplishment. In the last years it is goal of spectacular leaps carried out from the bunjee jumpers.  Imbersago...                                                                                                                                               

Well-known for the crossing of the river on the old traghetto " to cord " attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci, and still closed, invaded, digs and hydroelectric centrals. 


Emphasized in RED the touché places from the trip, in GREEN the points of departure

Subsequently to Brivio, where actual in shore to the Adda, we meet an excellent eminent example of architecture applied to an industrial building. It is discussed some Filanda Molinazzo, built before 1875 and still Olginate and on until to lick the lake of Como, Also here the itinerary that we got ready it is revolted to every tipology of biker,cyclists that love every route that to the calm one "familiar trip" with possibility of lunch to the bag or long the same route ove we find tavolate in wood to more places, or toIt was prepared an dedicated lunch area . 




Possibility of to carry out different lengths of route 20/30/45 and 65 kilometers with arrival to Lecco and return.

                                                                                                                                                                 The "Naviglio"                     


                                                                                                                    The bridge of Paderno