It includes the Valley of the Curone and the relief of Montevecchia, as well as the flat area go through from the torrent Molgora and from its affluents; is the last zone with the forests of the Brianza eastern, in which melt themselves harmoniously the appearance natural landscapes with the human installations traditional. The park is rich of you archeological. Traces of villages neolitics and of the age of the iron they are available in the Valley of the Curone and in the Plain of Cernusco Lombardone, while on the summit of Montevecchia, besides to be still quite visible the restive of fortificazioni in Roman masonry of period, it is found the Sanctuary, in baroque style, to a sole nave. Always in the Valley of the Curone I am interesting also some installations abandoneds rural. 

The Communes that do part of the Park of Montevecchia :

Cernusco Lombardone, Lomagna, Missaglia, Montevecchia, Olgiate Molgora, Osnago, Perego,Rovagnate, Sirtori, Vigaṇ.

Altitude min/max: h min 242 m slm - h max 497 m slm.      

We thought about some itineraries that loosen themselves to the inside of the park, with variable lengths to second of the engagement, the route have developments included between the 15 and the 35 kilometers with dislivelli that go from 400 to the 800 meters.

The paths, the roads that we decided to travel result to be suitable is to the biker that love trainee the "free-ride" that to those that athletically want to attempt push itself relations on you rip not long but binding technician, everything furnished from a satisfying seen on the valley.

In the trips that we confront it is here than elsewhere vale our iron rule that marks us. ..niente agonismo, but a good occasion to be all together a day put into practice an entire sport, to the open air in the respect of the nature and of the environment. 

We believe the better period to carry out these exits, goes from May to September/October, even if is possible "to enjoy itself" the all paths every  year, dissuade to confront them in the damp periods autumn/winter and however also in rainy days, as the ground in some points has not a good drainage and results to be special "weighing". 

In summer we organize trips of night to the inside of the Park, until to arrive the Sanctuary passing for the well-known "Cancello" coming down for the path that carries to the "Cipressi" (photograph under)

                                              The "Cipressi"                                                             The "Cipressi" (view under)

We guarantee yourselves sole feelings, exciting passages in the forest that leaves to filter the lunar light creating difficult games imaginable obvious is necessary to be equipped of a good installation of illumination. 

              The Sanctuary at Montevecchia                                                          Park Area

The Sanctuary of Montevecchia dominates the valley and map of the park