Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio

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by Paul McCartney and Carl Davis
Carl Davis: Orchestra conductor
Malcom Stewart: Orchestra leader, violin solo on "Work" and "Peace"
Anna Cooper: Cor anglais solo on "Father"
Ian Balmain: Trumpet solo on "Father"
Timothy Walden: Cello solo on "Crises"
John Fraser
Executive Producer:
Paul McCartney

Recorded Live: June 28-29, 1991 at Liverpool Cathedral

UK Release: 7 Oct 1991, EMI Classics: EX 7 54371 1 (2LP's) - CDS 7 57431 2 (Double CD)
US Release: 22 Oct 1991, EMI CLassics/Angel 7 54371 2

CD 1

1 Movement I - War (P. McCartney /Carl Davis)   9:41
2 Movement II - School (P. McCartney /Carl Davis) 12:13
3 Movement III - Crypt (P. McCartney /Carl Davis) 10:15
4 Movement IV - Father (P. McCartney /Carl Davis) 11:16

CD 2

1 Movement V - Wedding (P. McCartney /Carl Davis)   8:37
2 Movement VI - Work (P. McCartney /Carl Davis) 15:02
3 Movement VII - Crises (P. McCartney /Carl Davis) 21:08
4 Movement VIII - Peace (P. McCartney /Carl Davis)   9:27


Dame Kiri Te Kanawa: soprano vocals
Sally Burgess: mezzo-soprano vocals
Jerry Hadley: tenor vocals
Willard White: bass vocal
Jeremy Budd: Boy vocal solist on "War", "Crises" and "Peace"
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir & Choristers Of Liverpool Cathedral
Ian Tracy: Chorus master and master of the choristers

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