Press / It's Not True

Side A Press (4:20)  (McCartney)
(Mixed: Hugh Padgham)
Side B It's Not True (4:31) (McCartney)
Country UK USA Germany Japan
Label Parlophone Capitol Parlophone Odeon
Catalogue Number R 6133 B-5597 1C006-2013417
Release Date 14 Jul 1986* 14 Jul 1986 Jul 1986

*Was replaced on 20 Jul 1986 by another mix, labeled "video edit" (see below).

UK Issue (front)

UK Issue (back)

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Press (12" maxi)
Press (10" maxi)

These versions of Press and It's Not True are unreleased on CD format.

"Video Edit" version

Side A Press Video Edit (3:35)  (McCartney)
(Mixed: Bert Bevans & Steve Forward)
Side B It's Not True (4:31) (McCartney)

Press Video Edit will be released on CD format only on EMI "International Pop Gold".