RobboLito Download Page.

IGORrit tune (anthem)

For yet the musics, with for the wordings:

Fullforce for Revolution,
Fullforce in Igorrit!
Fullforce with all the workers,
Fullforce we all defeat.

Welcome to the download page of the program RobboLito!

The autothors of RobboLito: Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, Igor Igorovich Igoronov, Roberto Pescatore, Yusuf Ralf Weisskopf.

You will find some of the major versions of this very strong chess engine, both for Windows than for Linux, both for 64bit systems than for 32bit systems.
On Ippolit sites ( you will find the source code of the original versions proposed by the authors of the program, while versions proposals are the result of work undertaken by comrades of Russian site Immortal223 ( to whom I extend the compliments for the great job done!

You can find several other versions on the site Immortal223 and on the site of Kranium (shown at the bottom of this page).

New original logo for IvanHoe (by carotino®)
New original logo for Ivanhoe.
In the spirit of the glorious Russian tradition, is inspired by the great hero Svyatogor.


Other logo for IvanHoe (by Carotino®)
New original logo for IvanHoe
In the spirit of famous book.

Linux versions:

RobboLito 0.085f1b 32 bit (bugs fixed in valu.c)

RobboLito 0.085e4 (by Kranium, ported by Unisky)

RobboBuild 0.085f1b (make tablebases of 3,4,5,6 pieces)

RobboLito 0.085e4 64bit GCC generic

RobboLito 0.085g2 (32bit & 64 bit + source code)

RobboLito 0.085g3 (64bit + source code)

Igorrit 0.086v (64bit + source code)

Igorrit 0.086v2 (source code)  fixed little errors.

IvanHoe-999984-Beta (sorce code + 64bit + RobboBase 64bit)

IvanHoe-Beta-999966 (sorce code + 64bit + RobboBase 64bit) (simply the Strong chess engine on the World!)

IvanHoe-Beta-999966 (32 bit version)

IvanHoe-Beta-999963 (32 and 64bit)  --> The last and best version!

Windows versions:

RobboLito 0.085d3 32 bit

RobboLito 0.085e4 32 bit
RobboLito 0.085e4 64 bit

RobboLito 0.085g2 (32 bit + source code)

RobboLito 0.085g3 (32bit optimezed code + source code)

RobboLito TA01_x64 (64bit, by ThinkingALot)

Igorrit 0.086v (32bit + RobboBuild¹)   (Please, download also the library cygwin1.dll and copy it to c: \ windows \ system32... Igorrit will spin like a rocket!)

Igorrit 0.086v4 (32bit)  + 35% fast.

Igorrit 0.086v5 bs_fix 64bit Actually is the the strong version of Igorrit. (Only for 64bits Windows® O.S.)

Igorrit 0.086v6 (Sentinel version) 32bit + 64bit + source. Very fast... And very strong!!

IvanHoe w32bit v.3 (32 bit)

IvanHoe-Beta-999967-c2 (32 bit)

IvanHoe-Beta-999963 (32bit)  --> The last and best version!

RobboLito 0.09 (32 and 64bit) : at this moment is the BEST solution for mono-processor machines!

IvanHoe T63 Mini 3 and 4 (only 64bit and only over 4 CPU!)  ----> Versions for "super" machines...

Visit the Kranium site (

¹:  RobboBuild is a "TableBases generator" (3, 4, 5 and 6 pieces) for Igorrit and RobboLito.