Cathedral - front(1396 - 1740) Its erection began on a previus construction and was completed over a long period of time, and brought with it the affirmation of different styles.
The facade dates back to 1455, the transepts to the XVIIth century. The dome was built to a design by Filippo Juvara (1731 - 44) while the front and the side walls were mostly designed by the Rodari brothers. On the facade there are two statues of Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger; the two Latin writers who were born in Como.
The interior of the Chatedral is late Gothic with transepts. The presbitery and dome date back to the Baroque age. Among the works of art preserved here there are the "Holy Conversation" by Luini, a fresco by Morazzone; in the sacristy, on the right, the "Weddings of the Virgin Mary" by G. Ferrari, and nine tapestries of the XVIth century, hung beetween this aisle and the inner facade.Cathedral - back
The temple is 87 meters long, the aisles are 36 meters wide. If we include the central chapel, the aisles reach 58 meters. The dome is 75 meters high and the central spire of the facade reaches 45 meters.
The style of facade is transitional Gothic, but in the entrances the round arch is predominant, and this is in contrast with the pointed arch of the aisles.