Il volto di Medusa è il più antico simbolo della Trinacria, l'isola che per la complessità della sua origine e le contraddizioni della sua natura ha lo spessore di un continente.


The head of Medusa  is the ancientest symbol of  Trinakria, the island that for the complessity of its origin and for the contraddictions of its nature has the weight of a continent.


Three: the perfect, finite number. Three are the points of the triangle that contain the kernel of the Mediterranean, that rich and fertile island of Sicily protected by Demeter. The sun-blessed isle's ancient name Trinakria literally means "three pointed" (from the Greek tréis àkral) and as such has been identified with the Thrinacia (from Thrinax- trident) of the Odyssey. Its emblem is the head of Medusa (one of the Gorgons) from which three legs radiate, running after each other in continuous motion, symbolising the sun in its three forms (god of the spring, summer and winter), or the moon as it passes through its perpetual cycle. The island’s modern name, Sicily (probably meaning “fertile”), has not managed to oust the pagan associations with this very evocative image, still very much in use today.