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1) When you want to interrupt your race to repeat last section, you have to press ESC key and then click on REWIND button until you want












3) When you are ready, answer CONTINUE DRIVING and continue the race.


4) Every time you want, especially if you think that you have obtained a good partial time, save your race. After the save, continue your race in the next section.


5) When you finish your race, your time won't be considered valid (beside it will appeare "cont")


To obtain a valid race you have to press VIEW REPLAY button (don't press ESC!!) to return at your replay.






2) Click on MENU button and select CONTINUE DRIVING. It will appeare the follow question:




6) Click on rewind button until your race time is just before of your final time (keeping on mind that the time which appeares on the right is majored of 1 second respect your real final time). 


7) After rewind, press MENU button and select CONTINUE DRIVING. In rapid sequence, answer CONTINUE DRIVING at the wonted question and press ESC before the clock reach your final time (if you are fast you can execute the double operation in less of 5 centiseconds).


8) Press MENU button and save your replay.


9) Press Menu button, load your replay, and go to the end of it with FORWARD button (if you load your replay from Main Menu - Option - Load Replay it will be at its end yet).


10) Press Esc and select CONTINUE DRIVING.


11) After the end of the race, digit your name, press VIEW REPLAY button, press MENU button and save your replay: it's your final valid replay!