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Grigor Dimitrov

This is the page where I predict the next n.1 of tennis.


I am a expert of tennis since 1986. I played tennis in various schools until the pre-competitive level. In 2001 I created a website dedicated to Andy Roddick who received more  than  1,000  visitors a day !!!


I predicted in 1986 Wilander n.1 (too easy), in 1995 Rafter n.1, in 1998 Hewitt n.1, in 2001 Roddick n.1 and now… Grigor Dimitrov !    (while I wrote was n. 53 ATP…….)


Look here under the new section dedicated to the Tennis Match of the Year, and help me to complete it ! Thanks

   n.8 ATP  (best)

     Born 16 May 1991

Tennis Match of the Year

  Grigor Dimitrov The Next n.1

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This Site is on line since 8.17.2012

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Stockholm 2013

TITLES (4): 2013 Stockholm, 2014 Acapulco, Bucarest, Queen’s

FINALIST (1): 2013 Brisbane  

Acapulco 2014

The guy has a perfect backhand, the right very good but often is not deep enough. Tends to play a little too short, this is his only flaw. The service is very strong, but his game is linked to patterns a little rigid. Follows just with rarety the serve and volley, while it would be able to do so and could be a valuable option for his game.



Queen’s 2014