Stadium Postcards – Cartoline Stadio


A selection of my best and favourites stadium postcards.

In the following pages you will find a lot of stadiums, many in old version!


Black and White postcards:

Italy  from Alessandria to Valdagno

World 1  from Amsterdam to Bruxelles

World 2  from Bucarest to Lisboa-Alvalade

World 3  from Lisboa-Restelo to Nurnberg

World 4  from Oslo to Zwickau


Colour Postcards:

Italy 1  from Alessandria to Modena

Italy 2  from Napoli to Verona

World 1  from Abidjan to Chaves

World 2  from Colombes to Karlsruhe

World 3  from Kashima to Madrid-Bernabeu

World 4  from Madrid-Calderon to Nurnberg

World 5  from Offenbach to Sheffield

World 6  from Singapore to Zaragoza




Collector since August 1990, when a my friend sent me 2 postcards: Comunale and Delle Alpi of Torino.

So I thinked: “All or nothing?”

For an “unlucky” reason,I choiced all!

More than 16 years...

A lot of friends worldwide...

It’s a fantastic hobby!


If you are a collector you find my duplicates list of stadium postcards here!


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Important: Postcards in this section are part of my collection and are not for sale!