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Swim Party
The Junior Youth gathered at the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre last Sunday to celebrate Avery Desjardine’s birthday with some swimming, pizza and birthday cake. And we discovered it was also Karston Voth’s birthday this week as well!
Highlights of 2006 for me, anyway
Swim Party - Sewing and Blood EP (buy here, only 300 made) Swim Party - Twenty-Five Favorite live shows: 1. Radiohead/Beck @ Bonnaroo (6-17-2006) Radiohead - The National Anthem [live 6-17-2006] Beck - Black Tambourine [live 6-17-2006]
With friends like these
It seems that Julie's friend recently had a swimming party to go to. What on Earth is someone doing going to a swimming party in November? Well, this charming young fellow was invited to his boyfriend's nephew's (is that enough
KFS & Swim Party: Getting Blog Props
Cable and Tweed, and Atlanta based Music Blog, has put two of our local favorites in their "Rookies of the Year" list: Kite Flying Society and Swim Party. Not bad for just a list of three! (Princeton is worth having a listen to as well.
The Swim Party
I was attending the end of school swim party at Sean’s house. Lately I had noticed that I had increasingly been attracted to Scott, who was a big athlete in my high school. But I was always thought of as an average straight guy and
Money's short, times are hard, here's your fucking christmas card
buy up one of those freezer/food packages with party favours thrown in and packs bags containing clothes and swimming costumes so that nothing falls over. Children try to go back for a swim but mothers tell them they have to
Last minute party planning
Megan decided, despite my best efforts to sway her, to have a swimming party, In October. In Colorado. We have six inches of snow on the ground right now. It is a freaking blizzard outside. Don’t get me wrong we love the snow but it
ok, I'm confusedis it really Bush?
One party could have one hair or skin color or swim ensemble and the other party the other. Then we could just take any random idiot and put them in the job and we'd be just about where we are today - except - a random idiot would
Friday Babyblogging: Swim Party!
One of the things no one tells you about parenting, of course, is that you can rarely get good shots of your children actually doing things, because if you're taking pictures, you're not preventing them from killing themselves.
Lap Swim Party
7 -9:30PM Parks department's annual Lap Swim Party; Hamilton Fish Pool, East Houston and Pitt streets

Back to School Swim Party 2004 pictures from swimming photos on
Back to School Swim Party 2004 pictures published by rowanmcfarland.
Swim Party (3.26.04) pictures from sports photos on webshots
Swim Party (3.26.04) pictures published by speedonick.
Francis' birthday swim party
Francis' birthday, she's 6. It's a swim party at Madely Court Leisure Centre. I thought it was just an ordinary party, then I hear Amanda's running late and
Swim Party - LoveToKnow Swimsuits
Why have an ordinary party when you can have a swim party? Having a party is a lot of fun, but having a swim party (http://www.party.lovetoknow.com) can
YouTube - TNA swim party
From thenorthatlantic. A swim party! Category Music Add Video to QuickList. TNA swim party 00:20. From: thenorthatlantic Views: 95. << Now Playing
Wrestling Swim Party
Metro Gay Wrestling Alliance's Fifth Annual Swim Party, on Saturday, March 9, 1996, 500 West 43rd Street (43rd Street & 10th Avenue). $15 at the door.
FamilyFun: Guest Submission - and More Family Fun
Motel Swim Party & Sleepover. Theme Motel Swim Party & Sleepover Food Pizza (delivered, of course!) Chips/dip Gatorade Veggie tray Games & Activities
Swim party! <3 pictures from beaches photos on webshots
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Amazon.com: Polly Pocket Fashion Polly Swim Party Polly &amp; Mariko: Toys &amp; Games.
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just heard daughter talking about swim party,has any one had any experiences,bit worried my lottle girl only learning,worried about supervision etc swim+party: , swim after party , , swim after party , swim+party
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