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 All The Software is owned by Respectives Authors. I make no guarantees and I take no responsability for for any
damage or loss, direct or indirect, caused by using this software.



CW & Rtty

RadioCom (DSP-Filter/Analyser, RTTY, CW,Fax, SSTV & DCF-77) linkz!
MMTTY v1.60  by JE3HHT Via SB Linkz!
RCKRtty V2.07b CW-RTTY-AMTOR-PSK31 for WIN 95/98 Linkz!
HamScope  Utility 4 OM  420kb
Morsecode m.easy6.3 CW Learning Software 1 mb
Hamcom 3.1 Cw-Rtty 4 dos 2 mb
WinMSDSP 2000 RX-TX High Speed CW Using SBPro linkz


By IZ8BLY  1,9mb
SbpMorse  RECEIVE CW NOW  15 kb
Cwget  Receive CW via SB  663kb
Btl  Best App 4 rec. CW  221kb
Pactor  Another App 4 RTTY  566kb
Rtty  Receiving Rtty  771kb
MPSKWIQ for Windows  Psk Utility  1,2mb
G-Psk31 v. 0.2.4 for Linux  Psk Utility  800kb



JVFax 71 The last version of eroic Dos Program (the best one on the Dos) Linkz
FTV No Info Avaiable Linkz
WinPix PRO Quality Sstv Software 2,2 mb
SSTV32s Sstv software 3,3 mb
GSHPC 2.23 Fax And Sstv Software 4 dos  ??? mb
Jvcomm 32 1.10b Fax and Sstv software 4 win   1,3 mb
MMsstv  Nice Appz 4 receiving SSTV viaSb  827 Kb
ChromaPIX The best Appz 4 receive SSTV VIA SB  5.06 Mb
MixW2rc6  MultiProgr Rtty,Fax,Packet,SSTV Via Sb  1.02 Mb



WinOrbit Calculate the pass of your choosen Satellite 1.3mb
OrbMaster 2.0 No Info Avaiable ???
SkyEye V5.17 Weather Sat Decoder Software 3mb
WinTrakPro 6.0  Good Sat Tracking Software for Windows Linkz
Nova 2.1j Sat Tracking Software for Windows 3 mb
Satspy 4.02 Sat Tracking Software 1.3 Mb
Logsat 5.2 Sat Tracking WIN 95/98  2mb
 Wxsat  Optimus Appz 4 Receive Sat via Sound Blaster 781 kb 
 Wxtrack & Runtimes Bundle Library

 The best 4 tracking Sat.

N.b. Download the Runtimes Bundle Library 4 install it!

 WxToImg  New! The best 4 receive Noaa Images.New enhancements! TRY NOW   4,2mb



WinPack 6.42 Packet Radio Software 2.4 mb
WinGT/AFU 3.02  Packet radio Software  Linkz
Midi SuperVozelj  PACKET AT MAJOR SPEED 1,2 Mb
TAPR Packet Radio  Appz 4 Packet by WD5IVD  900 Kb
TSTHost v. 1.43c for DOS  The best Appz 4 packet  1,3 Mb
TSTHost v. 2.21b for Windows  Idem  1,3 Mb
FBB Software v. 7.00i for Windows By F6fBB  2,2 Mb
FBB Software v. 7.04 for Linux BY f6fbb  2,2 Mb
WINPACK  Windows based packet radio software  2,2 Mb
EasyPacketPro1.02  Packet Radio Software  linkz
Hammap 9.0

Packet radio Link maps

PaKet 6.1  No Info Avaiable ? mb



DSP-CW Expressly created 4 cw  76kb
Cromasound 0.19 Good Software  1mb
Filter Wizzard Pro3 DSP Software 982 kb
FFTDSP 4.2 Another Dsp 4 windows  442 kb
Hamview_ (Sound Card DSP Program)  1.32 mb



Wacars 0.6  Click to this link to Download The Best Acars Software.. 800kb 
INFO^  Infos abt Acars System And Frequencies  TXT
Air Nav 3.10  ACARS,Internet,HF--VHF Flight Tracking   Link!



TR Log  the Best sw 4 logging  1,3mb
VQ Log ByEA6VQ  Another Sw 4 logging  800kb


 by KA3JWE  436kb
Log Windows  Appz 4 win  982kb
YPLOG  No description avaiable  
N1MM Logger  Another Logger.  1,1mb
Easycontest  Good Sw  ^^^



 TH-D7E  Config Configsoft for TH-D7E  5kb
 RS 8500  Icom R-8500 Cat Software  
Icom-W32a Clone Software  44kb
 AR 8200  Scanner Software  656kb
IQ7v105 A good Appz to expand IC-q7 to frequencies 0-2000 mhz!!  380kb
Q7.gif  The Scheme Helps u to realize the interface...  3kb



Eclipse 1.3.25 Good Utility 4 OM: Propagation Monitor  1,2Mb
Prolab Pro 2.0 HF Prop for Windows 1,6mb
Frequency Filer 4.2 Frequency Databank 2,2mb
WinTone 2.02 Dtmf Decoding 1mb
Analyser 2000 V5.0  Spectrum Analyser  2 Mb
Autosignal 1.0  Offline Signal Decoding   2,3 mb
Bonito Radiocom 4.01  Scanner Software *** Linkz
Radiomanager 4.3S  Scanner Software *****  Linkz
WinGPS 2.0  Gps Software 4 win95/98  3,3 mb



YagiStress  The Ultimate Mechanical Design Software For Antenna Designers. -- By  NI6W linkz!
Antena Solver by Dr. David Fluckiger, KJ5AT ^^^^
Polar Plot 1.600.4  Good Antens'sw 667kb
G4FGQ's Antenna Software Try this sw 311kb
Cubical Quad Antenna Calculator by  KD6DKS Linkz!
Antenna Software & Simulators From AB0GD Linkz!
YTAD by N6BV The sw will determine antenna gain based on the slope of terrain  1mb
VE3SQB Antenna programs for advanced quads, dipole ,skyhopper, discones and more. linkz!


Ftp Sites







*** NEW!!! *** I8KEL's RADIOBOOK !!! Over 10'000 Frequencies around the world Logged!




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