ACARS Frequencies & Infos

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What's Acars (Packet)?

Many airliner's transmit packet as they fly across our skys,airliner's use a form of 1200 baud packet called ACARS. The stands for Aircraft Addressing at Reporting System. The data transmitted by the system contains information such as the flight ID, arrival time, longitude, latitude, and general messages. Some of these messages can make for interesting reading. All you need to receive the data transmissions is a HT or scanner that can receive the AM aircraft band. Of course most modern HT and scanners have this band included. Just tune one of your radios to one of the above frequencies and you will begin to hear the data bursts of the take ACARS transmissions.


A 486 or higher personal computer with a Sound Blaster or compatible sound card installed . The Wacar 0.6 program has come out that will decode the ACARS system using your PCs' built-in sound card. Infact,Connecting the radio to the sound card is pretty straightforward. Simply connect the radios' headphone or line out jack to the sound cards' line input. You may need to use the Windows sound mixer tool to adjust the input level for the WACARS software for you can possibly use the radios' volume control. These levels are fairly critical and most of these programs give you an indicator to help you adjust input levels. If you have a scanner with a AM discriminator tap installed, this work even better. However with some patience, you can receive the ACARS data with a fairly simple radio setup.


Frequencies used by ACARS around The World:


129.125 MHz.

Additional channel for USA & Canada

130.025 MHz.

Secondary channel for USA and Canada

130.450 MHz.

Additional channel for USA & Canada

131.125 MHz.

Additional channel for USA

131.450 MHz.

Primary channel for Japan

131.475 MHz.

Air Canada company channel

131.525 MHz.

European secondary

131.550 MHz.

Primary Channel for USA and Canada

Also Primary Channel for Australia

131.725 MHz.

Primary channel in Europe

136.900 MHz.

Additional European Channel