Australian scene report for Solitude Aeternus ‘zine
By Katrinia Jerrett – September 2002


As an introduction to this scene report, there will be noticeable gaps regarding some other bands, ‘zines and labels, but I was asked to do a scene report that mostly focuses on the black metal scene here in Australia. I hope some of you find some interest in the Australian scene, we have some great and very unique bands here, but we are relatively isolated here so most of you may not know anything at all about Oz, hopefully this will serve to enlighten you… Australia has a small but extremely strong black metal scene, and for this reason I feel we have something here that stands out. Below is also the few black metal, some crossover, that I’m aware of and that are the most active.


ABYSSIC HATE is a fantastic Depressive Black Metal band in the vein of Burzum's "Filosofem". Abyssic Hate was formed as a one-man project back in the year 1993... and continues to be so to this day. The concept of Abyssic Hate revolves around the incessant belief [which is proven correct time and time again by the various sub-humans who exist on this worthless planet] that '99.9% of humans should be terminated'. The human race is the most absolute abomination in the history of creation, and with an exceedingly small amount of redeemable features. After several demo-tapes, the (one-man) band released a split-cd with Det Hendenske Folk containing the demo "Cleansing of an ancient race", a limited mcd "Eternal Damnation" and a full-length "Suicidal Emotions" out for No Colours Rec.

Contacts :, e-mail :



ANARAZEL have been part of the black metal underground since 1996, and released a demo in 1998, “Into the Abyss at Midnight”, an MCD in 1999, “Rise of the Tempest” that got a lot of great responses and another MCD in 2000 called “Devil Hymns”, all of which have been released independently. There have been plans to release a full-length, “Undivine” for some time now that I certainly look forward to hearing. I understand the band have undergone some line-up changes recently, but have a new song coming up on the “Barbaric Onslaught” LP compilation already mentioned and have also been playing a spate of live shows, of which will include the opening for Germany’s Destruction when they get here in November.

PO Box 26, South Oakleigh VIC 3167, Australia

ANATOMY are a very old black/death band, they’ve been around since ’89 and the vocalist runs Bleed Records, their last release was an album called “The Witches of Dathomir” in 1999, at the moment the future of the band is a little in limbo as they’re all involved in other bands.


ANWARIAD are a band that I’m almost completely unfamiliar with, but there appears to be a huge fuss over them, I’m not even sure when they formed, but the MP3 I heard from their website is fucking raw black metal. Their concept and lyrics are based on Paganism. They have a planned debut album called “Vae Victus” which I understand they plan to record sometime this year for release through Indomitus Productions. They have covers on tributes for both Burzum and also for Graveland.

PO Box 335, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia


ASTRIAAL are by far the most premier black metal band to emerge from Australia in the last few years, erupting within the scene in 1998 with their first demo, “Glories of the Nightsky” which was a great first effort and was also released as an extremely limited CD. This they quickly followed up with an MCD, “Summoning the Essence of Ancient Wisdom” with Australian label, Dissident Records, in 2000, which received a great deal of attention and acclaim, resulting in the offer to release it as a vinyl that will be released through Dark Horizons next year. After establishing themselves with these two releases and with little trouble on the line-up side of things, they have not rested, playing a large number of live shows, and last year (2001) releasing another MCD, “Somn ium Infinitus”. Currentl y, Astriaal are preparing for the next offering, this being a 7” EP called “The Throne to Perish – An Icon on Disease” through Dark Horizon Records and also wait for news regarding their upcoming full-length, at the moment titled “Renascent Misanthropy”, though I don’t know which label this will be released through, a track from which may be featured, along with some live tracks and other “exclusive” songs on another MCD that they plan to release soon, as they will be supporting Dark Funeral if they do the expected tour here in October. Those not yet familiar with this band would do well to check them out.

PO Box 729, Albion QLD 4010, Australia

BAALBERITH is the misanthropic side project of Bothorn from Urgrund that released a demo, “Storming Towards the Gate” in 1996, then the track “In den Schatten des dunklen Nebel” (In The Shadows Of The Dark Mist)” in 1998, he has a split CD release with Denmark’s Blodarv through Bleed Records coming up, hopefully later this year and one that is believed to be the last we’ll hear from Baalberith, the reason I mention this is that these releases I recommend you seek out. For any information you’d best contact Bolthorn at the same address as Urgrund.


CARBON are a new band, a two-piece with session members for live situations, with a promo 2001 and now a 7” EP, “March of the Golgothan Hordes” out through Decius Productions that was released quite recently, Carbon will certainly be a driving force here, with their old style approach to black metal. They will also have a song called “Battle At Sarn Gebir” from the promo and 7”, on the upcoming Decius Productions compilation LP, “Barbaric Onslaught”.



CAULDRON BLACK RAM are a long running black metal band from South Australia, members of other bands of that region, that many, myself included, have only recently heard about. Last year saw the release of the split cassette with Miserys Omen through NecroSound Productions, this demo was previously released in 1997. They have a new recording due, a 7” EP called “Devil Bellied” that has new songs on it, a full length is also due out that will be called “Skullduggery”, which should be good if the demo is anything to go by.

PO Box 182, Inglefarm 5098, South Australia.

DARK DOMINION have been around since 1996 I think, under the name The Grand Meeting they released about three demos, none of which I was in time to get hold of, they changed the name a couple of years back after everyone thought they’d completely quit, they then did the spilt with Secratain though I’ve heard nothing since and don’t know what they are currently doing .

PO Box 335, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia.

DARKLORD have only recently re-surfaced into the black metal underground after remaining more or less dormant after they first appeared way back in 1993 with their fantastic demo CD, “…And By the Force of Sacred Magick Rites”, though their beginnings before a release were at least a year or two earlier. After a few years of no word on their movements, mostly due to line-up difficulties, Darklord surprisingly came back with a vengeance in 1999 with their new debut and highly anticipated “Satanik Symphony” released earlier this year. As they now have a steady line-up, it seems we’ll be hearing more from this brutal black metal machine. I’ve also heard they are preparing to start playing live which would be excellent.

PO Box 896, Glenelg 5043, South Australia.


DESTROYER 666 relocated to Europe some time ago, but they are still Australian and as they are not only a fucking excellent war/black/thrash band, but they have also, I feel, shaped Aussie metal since they first formed in 1994 and went on to release the “Six Songs for the Devil” demo that was later re-released on MLP in 2001. In 1995 they released “Violence Is the Prince of this World” on LP later put out on another format, this time as a CD in 2001. “Unchain the Wolves” followed in 1996/97 on CD and then on vinyl also, 1997 also saw the “Satanic Speed Metal” 7” EP, through Merciless Records. Since 1999, when they released the “Phoenix Rising” album on CD/LP they’ve been with Season of Mist, which they have recently just released “Cold Steel For A New Age” again on CD/LP. There was also the little known two so ng vinyl called “King of Kings/Lord of Wild” released in 2000, I’m not sure if this was an independent release or a label release though. They have on the way “…Of Women, War and Wolves” 7” EP to be released in October through Satan’s Metal as well as patches and a 10” picture disc through Invictus Productions to be out by the years end. An interesting side note is that KK Warslut (vocals) did a guest vocal appearance on Pentacle’s “Ancient Death” MCD/MLP. Those in Europe keep your ears peeled for tour news.


DESTRUKTOR are a really excellent War death band, that have been around since ’96, released a demo in ’97, but nothing else until now due to line-up problems, they now have a 7” out called “Brutal Desecration” and have an MLP/MC and live split 7” with Nunslaughter coming out soon.


DIAFOL GRIPPIUD is a new band of an ex Spear of Longinus member that are only making it’s presence known in the last few months, they are in the process of recording at the moment with no set schedule for release though I feel they’ll be a band to watch out for so remember the name.

PO Box 538, Springwood QLD 4127, Australia.

ELYSIUM are another brilliant doom band, only more aggressive and heavier, they have several demos and rehearsals, an album called “Dreamscapes” and a new one on the way, they’ve been around since ‘93/’94, and along with Mournful Congregation are among the best doom bands ever.


GOSPEL OF THE HORNS first invaded the Aussie metal scene in the upper regions of Queensland when they formed in 1993, then made war again in 1994 with their brilliant and still much loved first demo, “The Satanist’s Dream”, that ended up being re-produced by a rip off label onto CD. In 1996 they split, then after re-locating to Victoria, where the heart of Oz metal lies, and, as expected, a new re-formed Gospel of the Horns emerged, in 1997, along with a new offering in the way of a second demo, titled “Sinners” in 1998. The rare “Monuments of Impurity” was recorded and released around the same time through now defunct label, Morbid Productions. Once re-established from these two releases, they went on to record an MCD/MLP, “Eve of the Conqueror”, through Holland’s Damnation Records in 2000, that was pr aised by pretty much eve ryone and remains one of the best underground Australian releases ever. The band even managed a European tour and word has it that they’ll do so again after the release of their debut and highly anticipated full-length CD/LP release of “Time to Strike” through Invictus Productions from Ireland that is expected will be out by the time this goes to print. It’s absolutely essential to check out this band.

No 141, 500 Centre Road, Bentleigh VIC 3204, Australia

MISERYS OMEN first came to our attention in 1999, though they formed the year before, when they released their self titled demo that was apparently made famous from the image of the pope being strangled on the cover. Playing anguished, dark and obscure black metal, Miserys Omen re-released their first demo as a split with fellow South Australians, Cauldron Black Ram through newly established NecroSound Productions last year, and a 7” EP through Hellflame Productions this year called “To Worship Stone Gods”. An MCD featuring the demo and 7” EP songs will be released through Bindrune Recordings quite soon, they are set to appear on a few upcoming compilations and also have plans to record an album early next year, will be one to look out for. Miserys Omen are also label hunting.

PO Box 40, Highgate 5063. South Australia

MOURNFUL CONGREGATION are an absolutely brilliant doom band, very slow, lots of depressingly slow songs, they have been around since ‘93/’94, have three demos and have just released a double CD with two of them on it and also the third one was pressed and released onto 12”.

Mournful Congregation:

MYRDDRAAL, forming in 1999 in Australia’s capital of Canberra, have not been idle for one instant, first releasing a demo on their own called “Black Construction”, an excellent gift of underground black metal. They then were part of a split demo with Germany’s Gernoth through At War Records also from Germany called “Cold Moon Over Kaltenburg” in 2000, that gave them some international recognition. Then came the debut full length in 2001 with local Australian label, Decius Productions, which was excellent. Currently they have a promo CDR from last year available and will be appearing on an LP compilation through Decius Productions that will be one to await, they have submitted a new song called “Coming of Annihilati on” for it with TSI from Stargazer on drums after they recently suffered some line up changes in that area. A second full length is on the horizon which they plan to record later this year, and they are also label hunting. Also keep an ear out for another band from one of these guys called Hellpitt ( that have just released a demo in the way of “raw old-school thrashing dirty metal”, sounds interesting.

PO Box 71, Latham ACT 2615, Australia

NOCTURNES MIST are an extreme, symphonic black metal band that I’ve only recently come into contact with so I know very little of their history or if they have any other releases besides the “Southern Storms” CD I have. They hail from South Australia and might interest those into more modern European black metal with keyboards but with a dark, brutal edge.

21 Minyara Avenue, Salisbury North 5108, South Australia.


ONI are a really good technical death band, new on the scene as well, and the bassist/vocalist does our art for our ‘zine, there’s also a member from Martire in the band, they are awesome live.



PSYCHRIST are an excellent extreme death metal band, that have been around since ‘92/’93, they are very tight, very well played, have three demos I think, plus an MCD, full length and a new one also, very good, melodic and heavy as hell.


Sydney's band SADISTIK EXEKUTION was formed in 1986 by Rok and and Dave Slave. From then on they have grown from one of the world's premiers underground bands with a huge kult following to the undisputed most extreme band in the world - with an even bigger kult following. They are known for hardly ever playing live, piercing their flesh onstage (guitarist Rev Kriss Hades performs with 80 pins through his skin) and undertaking a constant campaign of outrageous publicity stunts and intimidation. They have released some albums through Osmose and Shock Records.,


SECRATAIN started around 1999 under a different name which I think they released at least one demo as Ad Noctum, they changed the band name and released the “Bound In Blasphemy” spilt CD with Dark Dominion that seemed to have more or less a hot/cold attitude towards it judging by reviews. They have played a few gigs, most recently a festival in June. I have no idea what they are currently doing apart from rumours that first they split then that they are working on new material that is less raw than what I’m familiar with and turning to more modern sounds. They are, however, pretty good live and their half of the split CD was excellent.

PO Box 335, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia.

SITHLORD are not specifically a black metal band, as they lean more towards thrash/black but I thought to include them as they do have a black element. As far as I can tell, Sithlord began in 1999 and had their first release in the form of an MCD through Bleed Records in 2000, that resulted in being signed to Barbarian Wrath Records for some future releases. After experiencing a line-up change, the band are now preparing for the release of their debut full length called “The Return to Godless Times” which will also feature the previous MCD. A new release that will be called “Defend the Faith” is now being written and should be recorded early next year. If you missed the MCD, you can hear some MP3s for the new album at the Barbarian Wrath website ( erings/sithlord.html) that would be worth the time to check out.

PO Box 479, Melton VIC 3337, Australia.

STARGAZER are brilliant, technical black/thrash/death is the only way to describe it though they are pretty unique with their songs and their lyrics are excellent they’ve been around since ’94 I think.


URGRUND have been around since late 1998, firstly under the guise of Darkensphere, there was obviously a name change and shortly afterwards, they put out their rehearsal demo, “In Apocalyptic Ruins-The Rebirth” themselves in 1999, assaulting us with their black/thrash attack. Later that same year, they released the mighty “Warlore” 7” EP through Bleed Records here in Australia, the tracks of which were re-released with a demo track on the “Drenched In Blood” MCD through the now RIP Spikekult Records in France in 2000. After signing with Baphomet Records in the US that same year, and finally after a two year delay, the newest and debut full – length onslaught, ‘The Graven Sign” is finally here with a new album, “Unchangeable Fate” looking to be recorded later this year.

3317 Moggill Road, Bellbowrie QLD 4070, Australia,


VRAG are a relatively new band that I think have released a demo before the one I have that was released in 2001, very raw and underground sounding, I understand they will be recording again at the end of the year, one of the members is also planning on releasing a compilation of underground Australian bands, which could also be good to wait for as well as more developments regarding Vrag.

PO Box 655, Epping NSW 2121, Australia




I know that there are some other labels here, but I have very little knowledge of them or any release information, so I’m adding only those I know of. I’ve also limited this to those labels who deal exclusively with only extreme and black metal releases, rather than other stuff like grind, doom etc. Each of these labels have extensive and quite large mail-order lists that may also be of interest except for Decius Productions.

DECIUS PRODUCTIONS have only been around for about two years but have put out a steady stream of great releases, both Australian and internationally, mostly focusing on extreme and totally underground death and black metal.

Myrddraal (Australia) "Blood on the Mountain" CD (sold out)
Hellsermon (Denmark) "Brimstone, Sulphur and Blood" 7" EP (sold out)
Lust (Canada) "Apocalyptic Torment" 12" Picture LP (sold out)
Lust (Canada) "Apocalyptic Torment" t-shirt (sold out)
Megiddo (Canada) "The Oath" t-shirt (sold out)
Rev. Kriss Hades (Australia) "The Wind of Orion" CD (available)
Nazxul (Australia) "Live" 12" Pic LP (available)
Destruktor (Australia) "Brutal Desecration" 7" EP (available)
Carbon (Australia) "March of the Golgothan Hordes" 7" EP (available)

To be released:
Rev. Kriss Hades (Australia) "Damascus Orthodox" 12" Gatefold LP
Megiddo (Canada)/Countess (Holland) Split 7" EP
“Barbaric Onslaught - Australian Metal Attack” 12" Compilation LP (featuring Destruktor "Unholy Victory Massacre", Martire "Puritans", Portal "Tempus Fugit", Atomizer "When I Die I Wanna Die Violently", Urgrund "On Stones Marked Black", Carbon "Battle at Sarn Gebir, Grenade "Hellsong", Oni "Incantation Superstition", Stargazer "Magikkian", Myrddraal "The Coming of Annihilation ", Anarazel "The Red Rite" and Miserys Omen "To Worship Stone Gods")

PO Box 4120, Castlecrag NSW 2068, Australia.

BLEED RECORDS’ main focus tends to be Australian apart from the upcoming split CD that features Denmark’s Blodarv and they also have a strong focus on some great underground bands and vinyl and have been around since 1998.

Anatomy “Dark Religion” 7"EP limited to 200 (sold out)
Nomenclature Diablerie 7"EP limited to 200 (sold out)
Anatomy “The Witches of Dathomir” (sold out by Bleed Records and repressed by Painkiller Records in Belgium in May 2002)
Urgrund “Warlore” 7"EP limited to 200 (sold out)
Sithlord “Labyrinth to the Gods” MCD limited to 700 (sold out)
Anatomy B.W.Attack t-shirt (sold out)
Anatomy “Twisting Depths of Horror” MCD (long deleted from 1993 but re-released on another label and available)
Long Voyage Back/Anatomy 7" EP (split label release, out now March 2002)

To be released:
Baalberith/Blodarv split CD

PO Box 211, Tullamarine Business Centre, VIC 3043, Australia

have only just spread their wings, mostly extreme death metal, both internationally and locally and have begun with more than just music as they have released beer coolers. They also have some kind of art service as well as the label.

Slaughter "Strappado" t-shirt (available)
Slaughter "Chainsaw Corpse" t-shirt (available)
Destruktor "Brutal Desecration" t-shirt (available)
Slaughter "Surrender or Die" LP limited to 666 (available)
Nunslaughter/Destruktor "Satanic Salvation/Live Desecration" Sp lit 7” EP (available)

PO Box 92, Mooroopna VIC 3629, Australia.

DISSIDENT RECORDS is more of an extreme death metal label, though they have released the first Astriaal MCD, which is why I mentioned them, and I think they are set to release another black metal album at a later date but I don’t know what or who it will be. They seem mostly to focus on Australian releases at the moment but I think they plan on extending their services to international bands at some time in the future. They also have a subsidiary called Dead By Dawn.

Psychrist “Embrace Rapture in Disgust” CD (available)
Astriaal “Summoning the Essence of Ancient Wisdom” MCD (sold out)
Psychrist “Debauching the Minions” (available)

PO Box 333, Kelvin Grove DC QLD 4059, Australia

is, as far as I know, the only label to focus entirely on NS, pro white, Aryan black metal, but not only Australian bands I don’t think. Aside from what’s mentioned to be released, they have also just signed two new bands, Rhune and Aryan Goddess. I don’t think they have anything released yet.

To be released:
Anwariad “Vae Victus” CD
“Pagan Front – The Path to Victory” Compilation (featuring Abyssic Hate, Gontyna Kry, Nokturnal Mortum, Anwariad, Pantheon, Absurd, and more)

PO Box 335, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia.


HEKAL XUL RECORDS is a label I’ve only now found out about so I know practically nothing except that they deal with black metal. Some of their releases are sold out but I understand they plan on re-releasing those that are. I think it might be run by the guys from Nazxul which is reason enough to know about this label.

Dark Dominion / Secratain “Bound In Blasphemy” Split CD
Nazxul “Black Seed” (sold out)
Nazxul “Totem”
Nazxul Demo
The Grand Meeting “Return to the Shadow Kingdom” (sold out)

P.O Box 335, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia




I’ve only decided to include print ‘zines, rather than any webzines at all, as I feel print ‘zines are far more relevant, important and better anyway, though there are a few webzines here and not many in print.

SEASON DECAY has two previous issues, the first of which is sold out and the second almost sold out. Issue #3 is planned for release this year and will feature Autumn Tears (USA), Baalberith, Bestial Mockery (Swe), Carbon, Darklord, Destruktor, Desaster (Ger), Excarnated, Jesus Anal Penetration, Misery’s Omen, Myrddraal, Oni, Psycroptic, Rain Fell Within (USA), Reverend Kriss Hades, Sadistik Exekution, Sithlord, and Spear of Longinus.

PO Box 413, Corrimal NSW 2518, Australia.

BLOODLUST has one issue out that is almost sold out with issue #2 yet to be confirmed as the future of the ‘zine is uncertain at the moment, but I do think he still has some copies of issue one remaining, which featured Armoured Angel, Atomizer, Desaster, Destruktor, Entrails, Nunslaughter, Sabbat, Sadistik Exekution (tour journal), Stargazer, Urgrund, Vomitor, and Worship.

PO Box 655, Epping NSW 2121, Australia

NECROZINE has one issue out that I think may be sold out or almost, issue #2 is yet to be completed but will feature Astriaal, Black Queen, FOB, Havohej, Jesus Anal Penetration, Malevolent Creation, Malicious Onslaught, Miserys Omen, Mournful Congregation, Psychrist, Volatile and Virgin Black.

PO Box 40, Highgate 5063, Australia.

HEATHEN FIST is yet to release their first issue, though I understand that it is on the way this year and will feature Antaeus, Anwariad, Arghoslent, Bathory, Dark Funeral, Desaster, Destroyer 666, Dream Upon Tombs, Megiddo, Miserys Omen, Nagelfar, Necrozine, Nunslaughter, Secratain, and Primordial. You'll need to email for postal details.


HELVETE MAGAZINE was supposed to release their first issue a little while back, but I guess it’s still on the way and will feature Abyssic Hate, Anarazel, Astriaal, Carbon, Destroyer 666, Forefather, Gospel of the Horns, Hollenthon, Megiddo, Myrddraal, Nazxul, Secratain, Shining, Slayer Magazine and The Syre. Another that you'll need to email regarding postal details.


SENTINEL ZINE is another new ‘zine, that has their first issue due out very soon featuring Antaeus, Astriaal, Atomizer, Carbon, Darklord, Destroyer 666, Destruktor, Diabolicum, Elysium, Fog, Khold, Oni, Psychrist, Psycroptic, Reverend Kriss Hades, Shining, Zyklon and more.

PO Box 729, Albion QLD 4010, Australia

GODLESS MAGAZINE has just released its first issue featuring Akitsa, Baal Gadriel, Graveland, Summoning, Veles, and some non-music related articles.

PO Box 335, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia.

EXTREME NOISE MAGAZINE is a new newspaper/street press type ‘zine that features mostly commercially known bands, they have, after many delays, released their first issue in June, with plans to release another each month though I’m not aware of any new issues. Issue one featured Absu, Avrigus, Bathory, Bloodthorn, Darkthrone, Destruction, Dissident Records, Entwine, Finntroll, Gamma Ray, Hollenthon, Iced Earth, Witchery.

PO Box 1762, Melbourne VIC 3001, Australia.