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 News from SK Tirana


In focus: SK Tirana remained top of the Albanian Seria A1 after the 5-1 home victory against runners-up Dinamo on Saturday.




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 2003-2004 Season


-Albanian League: Last week matches, results, comments.
-Next's week matches and referees.
-The 65-th championship's résumé.
-Albanian Cup


   What is Tirana

-Official name, foundation day, emblem, colours, uniforms, stadium, palmarés
-The greatest players over the years.
-Tirana's most famous coaches.


 Brief History

-When, how and by whom Tirana was founded, what was it's birthname, how many times it was changed.
-What kind of treatement did Tirana get from the comunist regime and how it survived.


 Facts & Figures


-National Championship and Albanian Cup.
-Europian Cups and Balkans' Cup.
-SK Tirana's players in the Albanian Representative.

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 SK Tirana today


- The team, the coach, the staff, currently holding office president. Learn more


 Photo Album


-The first albanian champs, the famous '60s & '70s  team and many more


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