The management page is a fully automatic routines with Ajax by RD-Soft (c) freely Usable but not editable without written permission.

With a text file Parametri_by_RD-Soft.js you can customize the location, the size of the images and names of Html page.

To use the Photo Gallery Ajax, we have to create for each group-button topic, a folder with the name progressive (GRP_001, GRP_002 ,...), in which images are copied with a name progressive (img_001. jpg, img_002.jpg ,...) and their descriptions made in a text file with the same name (img_001.jpg) but with the extension (pic_001.txt). If you want to manage more languages can be added to the file name Description the desinenza Language desired (eg img_001_EN.txt / img_001_ES.txt) The Descriptions are small Html pages, which may have commands exchange text, color and formatting completely free and customizable. You can also insert images and links to unite other pages Html on the image selected. If you do not want an image to fit the description, you must enter at least one row with a written or at least with the command BR, not to have trouble viewing on browser type Firefox-Mozila.

The menu to the left of the page is made up of a list of buttons, at max 99 groups or topics, with the first Routine Ajax are repeated all equal, and any written overlap (with instructions DIV), can identify the Argument assigned to each button.

The second Routine Ajax, manages automatic 99 buttons from various image formats identified by name progressive (puls_001.gif, puls_002.gif ,...)

The management of Photo Gallery, active viewing 16 (4 lines x 4 Images, Issues Customizable file Parametri_by_RD-Soft.js) at the top right Html, just passing above the buttons left. They managed Change Under to see 16 images later, or if we are on the second page to return to the previous page, and return on buttons. The selection of a Micro-Immagine, active viewing the enlarged picture and its description taken from the file Html with extension (txt). It is possible without close with the X button, see the previous and subsequent images with its buttons.
Each opening, closing and changing page is acompagnato automatically graphic effects Ajax.

In index.htm page you can enter any type of object you want, if that is created before the Routines Ajax are under Level Chart objects created automatically, as if they are created under Section BODY after Routine Ajax, overlapping objects will be created automatically from Routines Ajax. In addition to file index.htm call Routines of Ajax, two commands are required DIV with the written Head Site, which contains the Titles of the site and possibly Copyright and Email can be customized, but must be kept intact the names of the parameter ID.

Sample file parameters Parametri_by_RD-Soft.js

Sample file index.htm

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Please send one mail if you utilize our Layouts for Free Web-Sites Ajax by RD-Soft(c)
Please send one mail if you utilize our Layouts for Free Web-Sites Ajax by RD-Soft(c)