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Composition competition Dante Moro 2024 2025

One Sculpture for the Music, The Music for the sculpture




Dolomiti Symphonia Orchestra and the family of Pietro and Cecilia Vannini promote the EIGHTH edition of the composition competition “Dante Moro”. Their desire is to remember the great sculptor, painter, and engraver from Falcade Dante Moro,(1933-2009), and to allow a dialogue and a comparison between visual and musical arts. The jury will examine the compositions and will choose two winning pieces, which will be performed during a public concert in Falcade (BL – Italy) on December 30 (Monday), 2024 (Parish Church). In the case of the possibility of a second concert, prompt communication will be given.

I – Contestants

The contest is open to composers from all over the world, without age limits, including students from academies, conservatoires, public and private schools.

II – Sections

The competitors are invited to submit one composition of their own, according to the following criteria:

- Section A: Piano, or violin/piano duo, or cello/piano duo, or violin/cello/piano trio. One piece no longer than 7 minutes.

- Section B: Piano with string orchestra. One piece for solo piano and string orchestra, no longer than 8 minutes. The orchestral setting is: 5 first violins, 4 second violins, 3 violas, 2 cellos, 1 double bass (‘divisi’ are allowed. The piece should be composed as a sort of short ‘piano concerto’ movement, with a dialogue between the soloist and the orchestra).

The competitors can enter one or both sections. The submitted piece (section A, and /or section B) has to be inspired and it has consequently to bear the title of a sculpture or drawing by Dante Moro at the competitor’s choice, whose photographic reproduction is available on the website

All genres and styles are well accepted, but no compositions requiring a prepared piano will be admitted.

III – Application procedure and registration

Please submit the score(s), together with the other required documents listed below, according to the following procedure (please do not hesitate to write to the Artistic Direction for any questions or requests):

- Score in PDF format attached to an e-mail message to be sent to (new e-mail address) and to (maximum 10 MB, otherwise please use transfer services like

Please indicate on the score that the piece has been composed for the Composition Competition “Dante Moro”, edition 2023. The scores will be sent to the judges anonymously, so please do not write your name on the scores, but a motto or pseudonym.

The candidates may attach also a MIDI file of their composition (this file will be useful for practicing the piece, and NOT for the evaluation by the jury. The final selection will be based solely on the submitted score).

Together with the score(s), the competitor must send a self-certification containing the following data:

- Name, surname, place and date of birth, nationality, address, e-mail address, telephone number.

- [For underage candidates, a consensus form, signed by a parent or guardian].

- Section(s) (A, B, or both).

- The same motto/pseudonym which appears on the score.

- Duration of the composition.

- Declaration of acceptance of the competition rules.

- Declaration by the author attesting that the submitted composition is unpublished and never publicly performed.

- Declaration of consent that the competitor waives all rights of remuneration for the broadcasting, televising or recording of the performance of his/her work at the final public concert (December 30, 2024).

- Declaration of consent to the processing of the participant’s personal data for competition purposes (EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016).

Please attach also:

- Artistic bio.

- Recent artistic picture.

- Photocopy of an identity document.

The application deadline is November 1, 2024. A template of the application form will be downloadable from the competition website.

IV – Application fees

An application fee of 40 euros is required, if the competitor apply to ONE section. If the contestant applies to TWO sections, the application fee is 70 euros.

Please pay with Paypal ( or with an international wire transfer. In this case the receipt should be attached to the application form.

Account Name: Silvia Tessari;

Name of the Bank: FPB Cassa di Falcade Primiero e Belluno.

IBAN: IT14 S081 4061 0900 0000 3039 457

Address of the Bank: Corso Roma 8, 32020 Falcade (BL), Italy

Please identify the purpose of transfer as: 8th edition Composition Competition Dante Moro 2024.

For information on other accepted payment’s methods, please write an email to the artistic director:

V – Jury

The names of the adjudicators will be announced in summer. The chairman is Professor Paolo Troncon, composer, director of many Italian conservatories. Jurors of the previouseditions: Dušan Bavdek (Ljubljana), Mario Pagotto, Claudio Scannavini, Nicola Straffelini, (composers and teachers at Italian and Slovenian conservatories and academies); Delio Cassetta (conductor). Artistic director Silvia Tessari (pianist and musicologist).

VI – Competition procedures

The decisions of the jury are final. The jury will meet to declare the winners by December 6, 2024. Up to two pieces among sections A and B will be selected as winning pieces to be performed. More prizes and honorary mentions may be awarded. The selection will be made according to the following criteria: correctness and originality of the composition, coherence with the technical possibilities of the instruments, ideal connection with the chosen sculpture/drawing by Dante Moro. The results will be published on the website of the competition and on the Facebook page, and sent to each participant by e-mail.

VII – Award ceremony

The award ceremony, with the public performance of the winning pieces (solo pianist: Silvia Tessari, Dolomiti Symphonia Orchestra, conductor Delio Cassetta, first violinist and first cellist for chamber music), will take place during the concert in honor of Dante Moro, which will be held in Falcade (Belluno, Italy) on December 30, 2024.

VIII – Prizes

The winners, in addition to the first public performance of their piece, will receive a plate, a diploma, an overnight stay at the expense of the organization in the Falcade area on December 30, 2024 (only if the competitors are present at the concert) and a cash prize defined by the jury from a total prize pool of 1500 euros. Names and curricula of the winners will be disseminated through the media. All the competitors will receive a certificate of participation.

IX – Cancellation

The organization reserves the right to cancel the Competition, for any event that is outside the organization’s will. In this case, the application fee will be refunded.

X - Recordings and Performance

The competitors waive all rights of remuneration for the possible broadcasting, televising or recording of their performance at the final public concert (December 30, 2024).

XI – Contacts

Silvia Tessari

Via Agostino Murer 3

32020 Falcade (BL), Italy


Facebook page: Composition Competition Dante Moro

The present announcement is in Italian and in English. For any disputes, the Italian text is valid.

XII – Previous winners

2017/2018: first prize: Alessio Domini (IT); special mentions: Alessio Venier (IT), Attilio Foresta Martin (IT)

2018/2019: first prize: Fabio Crosera (IT); special mention: Marino Baldissera (IT).

2019/2020: first prize not awarded. Second prizes e.a. Maria Beatrice Orlando (IT) / Gabriele Caselli (IT). Special mention Micheal Romio (IT).

2020: first prize: David John Roche (U.K.); second prizes e.a. Cosimo Bombardieri (IT)/ Rodolfo Saraco (IT); special mentions: Alessandro Manara (IT), Paolo Quilichini (IT), Christian Paterniti (IT).

2021: first prize: Robin Haigh (U.K.); second prize not awarded; third prize Nathan Graham Harris (U.K.); special mention: Elena Cattini (IT).

2022: section A third prize Federico Agnello, special mention Rodolfo Saraco; section B second prize Eddy Serafini, third prize Alessandro Manara.

2023: Sectionon A: Third Prize: Luca Rizzo , Special mentions: Sebastiano Burelli , Cesare Pozzo . Section B: Second prize: Antonio Moreno - Pozo (Spain). Special men$ons: Luca Fialdini, Alvise Zambon. ( the pieces by Antonio Moreno Pozo andLuca Rizzo were performed)


 Competition organized by DOLOMITI SIMPHONIA ORCHESTRA  



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