Silvana Gatti - figurative & simbolist painter
The two parallel traditions in the painting of Silvana Gatti: the landscapes in order to evoke nearly dreaming angles of world, the simbolism in order to argue the aspects of the contemporary society, in primis the assisted fecondation and the cloning, with it fantastic hints to the u.f.o. Because of two traditions. The two currents of thought that cross the expressive world of the artist. The landscape to rest on the canvas memories of travel in places that have in some fascinated way the ecological sensibility of the painter, and here therefore to dull land or marine scenes, mountain huts full of snow evoking peace and harmony, far from the city chaos. The simbolism in order to fix on the canvas the thoughts born from the contemporary life, that placing a bridge on two millenium sees like from the high the two sides of an age, that is already future, "the future that there isn't", paraphrasing the title of a work of the artist, a future made of cloned embryos of sheep (Dolly), cow (crazy), fish (breeding), imagining an advanced civilization (the u.f.o.), that from the high, perhaps, will come to save us with a second no (no returns on the u.f.o.) Gatti paints a field of sunflowers or a marine with the augury that these natural landscapes can be useful also for the future generations, because she fears that the pollution and wild industrialization will make poor the ground and the sea, forcing the men to only feed themselves of products genetically modified for being able to be cultivated in greenhouse or industrially raised. The artist emphasizes as the AIDS is the fruit of a laboratory error, the crazy cow fruit of an altered alimentary chain, and she fears that with passing of the time these episodes are assign to increase. "Which dawn in 2000?", is for the note the title of a work of her, winner in 2002 of the prize of poetry and photographed painting "the tesoriera", with the sponsorship of the Piemonte Regione, on the topic of the spirituality to the thresholds of the III millenium. The picture, painted in '99, reports also skyscrapers that collapse leaving the spirits of its captive inhabitants of a hell of ruins: a case of forecast of the 11 september? Or artistic sensibility? The artistic way of S. Gatti leaves from the schools of Rivoli attended by her daughters, where she begins to expose in beneficence festivities and sometimes she takes part in painting laboratories. She is endured noticed by the prof. Francesco Esposito, art critic from Rivoli, that conducts her in the hearth of the piemontese art. After that, to notice her is the art critic Giuseppe Biasutti from Turin, son of the gallerists of Via Juvarra, now in Via Bonafous. And she travels a bit in the north of Italy; leaving from Venice (atelier Art Gallery Due) where she exposes her works (1997-1999) in collective exhibitions with works of Emilio Vedova and Renato Guttuso, and she is on purpose introduced to Padua (1999) always by the same gallerist of Venice, Federico Bonan, student of Emilio Vedova. She prepares two personal extensions in Aosta (1998-2000) and two in Sanremo (2001-2003), but her works fly also to Tokyo to the International of Art (1998), where she is rewarded. In Piemonte she exposes in personal extensions in Chieri (Frames & Design), introduced by G. Biasutti, and she becomes partner of the organizer of the Fine Arts and the Artistic and Cultural Piemonte. Her friend of infancy Andrea Musso, musician and founding associate of the association "The Tesoriera", introduces her to the poet Giovanni Cortese, he also among the founders of the Tesoriera with his father Felice Cortese ant the musician father and the musician Paolo Osiride Ferrero. With G. Cortese the friendship and the artistic society are born immediately, the poet dedicates various poetries to the simbolist pictures of S. Gatti, that speak about cloning and the future, and she presents a lot of personal extensions, appreciated also by the poet Ermanno Eandi who dedicates her some verses. S. Gatti organizes the painting laboratories for the children of the Tesoriera, possible thanks to the organizational ability of Cortese, and the children are directed toward the painting and in a second moment to the oil, with satisfaction of the associated
The artist participated in a lot of expositions, for example we remember:
- 7/19 june 1997: 3 Biennal of Art at the Art Gallery 2 in Venice.
- 7/20 october 1997: personal extension at the Lords Tower of sant'Orso in Aosta, presented by G. Biasutti.
- 2/9 march 1998: internazional of Art in Tokyo.
- 21 march/30 april 1998: personal at "Cornici & Design" in Chieri (To), presented by G. Biasutti.
- 29/30 august 1998 - extension for feast Pavarolo/Le Cheylas.
- 27 december 1998/6 january 1999 - personal at the Gallery of Valtournanche - Cervinia.
- march 1999 - Gallery of the Merchants in Rivoli.
- 4/16 june 1999: 4 Biennal at the Art Gallery 2 in Venice.
- member of the association "La Tesoriera", of the Promoter of Fine Arts in Turin and of Artistic and Cultural Piemonte, she participates to the exibitions of the artists.
- 21-25 october 1999 - Arte Padova presented by Art Gallery 2 in Venice.
- 30/11-19/12/1999 - personal c/o atelier "La Tesoriera"- To
- 1/12-10/12/2000 - personal c/o Tower sant'Orso - Aosta
- 6/18-8-2001 - personal at the Municipal Library of Sanremo.
- 11/20-9-2002 - personal Isabella Center - Torino.
- 27/12/2002-3/1/2003 - personal at "A window on the valleys"; Villarperosa- To.
- dicember 2002 - winner of the first competition of poetry and potographed painting at "La Tesoriera" Turin
with patronage of Piemonte Region on the theme of spirituality at the beginning of the III millennium.
- 26-3/1-7-2003 - personal at the Municipal Library of Sanremo with the patronage of the Common of Sanremo.
- august 2003 - collective common of S.Lorenzo - Imperia
- 31-3/14-4-2004 - personal at the Municipal Palace of Rivoli, presented by Sergio Innocenti and the patronage of the common of Rivoli.
- 1/18-12-2004 - collective "In Piemonte ... elements2, at the palace of the Province of Biella, with patronage of the Region Piemonte.
- 1/10-12-2004 - personal c/o Agency Utet of Torino.
- 27/30-12-2004 - personal Isabella Center - Torino.
- 2-8/4/2005 - personal at the Artelier gallery of Milan, presented by Lidia Silanos
- giugno 2005 - 7 Biennal at Art Gallery 2 of Venice.

Guest of the tv program "Day by day" presented on "Tele Alpi" by Carla Piro Mander
Guest of the tv program "W like woman" presented on Telestudio by Clara Vercelli e Walter Rolfo
Guest of the tv program "Summer with us" presented on Telestudio by Clara Vercelli
Guest of the tv program "Nost Piemont" presented on Telestudio by Daniela Piazza
She teachs painting for children at the " Tesoriera " of Turin.
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They wrote about her:
L.Battaglio, G.Biasutti, G.Cortese, E.Eandi, F.Banchi, A.D'Errico, F.Esposito, G.Folco, S.Innocenti, R.Malini, C.Novara, C.Moltoni, S.Passarella, M.Salvati, S.Pareti, G.Poggiani, K.Girini, A.Oberti.
"Silvana Gatti has cultivated with method and love this interest, stops to observe the transformations of the nature: the images that pick during a travel are then the cue for a new picture. And here the unexpected changes, the dazzling sun after the thunderstorm makes road between dark clouds, still swollen of rain, illuminating rainy trees and grass, they are the love for an art in the middle between color and design. The color, its material, it contributes to the definition of the perceptions, but it is only its realization. The eye of the spectator is involved with the indelebile mark of a style that silvana Gatti pronounces in natural way and that often reflects in her simbolist paintings. Subjects that at a first sight can seem of difficult reading, but they are however topics that regard the vicissitudes of the man, that give a revival to the flame of the life. Silvana Gatti tries, with her own works, to make understand us our limits, our possibilities, and in what way our need of dreams goes to coincide with the truth. The beauty is found in every place in which a careful look is able to transform what it sees in its own experience, in feeling, in acquaintance, in isolated space where it can be sheltered only for a moment also. Her is a painting without frontiers in which she creates a bridge for whichever spectator....A city and inner distance: a balanced concoction that takes us in the universe of an artist who allows herself to transform in art her personal and poetic look on the world."
Giuseppe Biasutti
"...the two prefered pictorial kinds: on one side, the figurative, meant by Gatti like exemplary means in order to recall landscapes and figures legacies to pleasant feelings, often gushed during or endured after a travel, from the other, the symbolism, conceived by the artist like through between her own conscience and the stranger and disturbing topics of our present. Silvana Gatti paints the nature, topic to her much beloved, with alive, intense colors; often draft of splendid landscapes to the sunset, portraits with the attempt to emphasize all the magic of the moment that precedes the end of the day. ...the symbolism of Gatti is the attempt of giving voice, "vent", to her own critical conscience in the comparisons of the truth, too much often difficult to decipher with serene mind. The more important topics are in fact the new scientific discoveries, the cloning cases, the children in test-tube, the hypotheses of imminent catastrophes and the declared existence of the extraearthlings, all topics that upset in some way the sensitive mind of the artist. A social denunciation that Silvana Gatti feels the need to express through the art of the painting, a painting that uses the meaningful power of the symbols in order to make a communicative truth."
Katia Girini - The Courier of the Art year IV n12
A field of sunflowers, an end of a park, the memory of a landscape that, living its own life, lets a sign in the memory and in the spirit of who it observes. The color that hits, the strokes of brush are made restless and decided, and the intense sign bright. This is Silvana Gatti painting, an expression shape that collects different thematics, the nature yields the place to the social one, in canvas that are introduced intense, rich of violent chromatism and with a strong communication. Draft of a world "other" that, with our daily life, has a tightened relationship, the vicinity is such that for who knows to pick it appears like a painful and suffering knowledge. Silvana Gatti in a continuous appearing game of incongruence runs after concepts and images, possible dreaming ambiguities and objectivity. The truth emerges in the observer. The look can get lost and ramble between the creations of the painter from Rivoli. The creativity is made in order to transmit messages, in order to hit the regarding with the force of a slap. The reflection is opened to all round and spaces from genetic engineering to the feminine condition. Every cue can be translate in sign, in image, in color forming a continuous return of elements and means that leave from the deep and are translated in figure. Nothing it appears accidental in the elaborates of Gatti in which the colors have the function to stimulate precise zones of the unconscious, the shapes evoke, more than to describe, states of mind and thoughts very defined. The drama often leaves the place to descriptive units of another manner in an unstoppable emotional vortex that is involved, attracting to a different knowledge, on the particular works in issue turn the look.
Sergio Innocenti
... if the art is freedom, desire to express ourselves and our own states of mind then a speech on the various pictorial kinds would have to indicate us the characters to distinguish several authors. But being the art a flight without borders not necessarily the artist is forced to follow an only road, a single style. Is this the Silvana Gatti case, poet and peinter from the not common human and chromatic sensibility. Yes, because also through the color, the gesture, the spirit of the artist acknowledges: in the case of Silvana Gatti these instruments assume expressive valence of evocative intensity, symbolic and dramatic, but also of serene and simple poetry of the natural. On one side the rustic views, the fields of lavender, from the other alarming representations of an idea, of a feeling that becomes denunciation and pain, as in the case of the painting entitled "Scream of the child in test-tube". An eclectic spirit who tells her own emotions with different and universal languages and, in bottom, the scope would not have to be this, the mission of the artists?
Guido Folco