Yoichi Takahashi

Birth date : 28/07/1960
Place: Tokyo

Yoichi Takahashi has always been a fan of sports in general, but in particular of Soccer.
His professional career becomes in 1981 when on Shonen Jump he publish the first chapter of the serie that will make he popular : "Captain Tsubasa" Moreover exists a previous version of Captain Tsubasa, that has been published on Shonen Jump in a special completely dedicated to Tsubasa in1986.

"Captain Tsubasa", obteined a great success, so the serie were manteined for 8 years , and the were realized the anime version, knowed in Italy with the name of "Holly and Benji" -__-''' .
During theese works Takahashi become immediatly to realize other sportive manga: in 1988 he realized "100 M. Jumper" based on athletic, in 1989 "Ace" based on baseball, and then"Chibi" in wich he tells the adventures of Chibi in the world of boxe.
Moreover Takahashi, has realized the one shot story on basket, tennis and ski, that has been added to a story of "Captain Tsubasa" in "Boku wa Taro Misaki" (I'm Taro Misaki).
In 1993 he comes back to his most famous serie , realizing a 100 pages story of"Captain Tsubasa", and finally in 1994 Takahashi comes back to the Tsubasa's adventures with "Captain Tsubasa: World Youth", composed by 18 tankobones, reproducted in an anime of 47 episodes where the first 33 are a remake of Tsubasa adventures ( in this anime we have a restyle of the character design and of the backgrounds thanks to the use of the Computer design) , the34th episode is a review and the others becomes with the comparison of Shingo Aoi and ends with the final for the qualificatin to the World youth championship.