Welcome to the new edition of the Shaina's followers sphere!

Or rather: the seminary for those girls who wish to become Ophiuchus Saint in case Shaina gets married to Seiya and has to stay home to cook for him and give birth to a hundred children just to keep up the family tradition (Which would take her a hundred years, working hard every year, unless she gives birth to 15 kids by the time, which would take her only 6.66667 years and an impressive quantity of fertile ovules. Only incovenient that could upset the right course of the mission would be that the above said task is pretty uncomfortable unless you are a rabbit), but also for those boys who dream to become a female Saint.

Are you strong? Determined? Got spirit of sacrifice? Got big enough chest's protuberances (it doesn't matter whether fake or not as long as nothing blows up unespectly during a fight!)? Can you dance and Irish jig, the tip-tap, run the Olimpic 100 metres at Sound speed on high heels? Do you like feathered Mini Ponies? Do you have cool pink legwarmers? Are you familiar with Snakes? Have you ever experimented the joy of participating in the Venice's Carnival? Are you the terror of the nail salon? NO? Then this page is going to be your handbook to become a perfect candidate for the rank of Ophiucus Saint! We'll drive you through the whole process to reach the elegibility needed for this assignment, but most of all: we'll drive you nuts!


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