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Since 1969 Saro Di Bartolo has been active in various professions in the most different fields of the tourism industry, working for and with hotels, travel agencies and tour operators, institutions, boards, schools, advertising, graphic art and marketing firms, multimedia research and editing.

Among his present positions:

Among his main responsibilities: the European Educational Projects  and representative of Osfin at  "Itinera Spa Consortile – Centro Internazionale di Studi Turistici" (Rimini's International Tourism Studies College).





In 1975 he published "Ticket to English" , an English language grammar for the tourism business.

From 1982 to 1984 he was the Italian language teacher for " City College of Chicago" at the US NATO Air Force Base in Rimini  Italy.

In 1983 he began his activity in the Emilia Romagna vocational training system, working with both private and Regional Government organizations, and specializing in tourism courses turning to college and university students.

As part of that activity he has been the planner and coordinator of a considerable number of innovatory courses, and the head of various research teams in charge of programming and carrying out new training  methods: techniques which have become today's  reference points when it comes to knowledge in the tourism trade.


Today Saro Di Bartolo delivers reports and lectures on tourism topics within the context of upper level European Union Training courses: comunication techniques in the tour business, hotel & travel agency management, multimedia tools  and english language for tourism,

As part of that activity, he has been collaborating with many public and private organizations and institutions, among which:





Having grown up in the United States (American mother - Italian father) and thus being  bilingual, since 1970 he has done interpreting  and translating work for a considerable number of organizations and companies in the most different fields: industry, commerce, advertising, tourism, etc.. He has translated a huge quantity of texts and pubblications in the editorial field and has worked as an interpreter on an endless number of occasions: conferences, business trips and transactions, international events of all kinds, etc..

Since 1975 he has been in charge of welcoming and assistance services for Italian and foreign personalities and trade delegations  for both private and public organizations, among which chambers of commerce, townships, government agencies, banks, trade fairs, tourism boards and prestigious  names, such as IBM, "Pio Manzù, International Research Centre", "ICE - Italian Trade Commission, New York", Rimini Trade FairRomagna Riviera Convention BureauAPT Servizi - Tourism Promotion Agency, Rimini Grand Hotel, etc..

On many occasions he has done interpreting work for nation-wide television networks:  RAI, TELEMONTECARLO and MEDIASET channels, as well as for journalists from Italy's leading newspapers. He has collaborated with professionals such as:

Carmen Lasorella , Arrigo Levi, Igor Man , Furio Colombo, Mino D’Amato, Bruno Mobrici, Mario Pirani, Bruno Vespa.

Here are just some of  the prestigious international personalities, from the fields of politics, economics and culture, whom he has had the pleasure of working with as an interpreter and escort:








Fond of photography since he was a young boy, since 1969 he has been dedicating more and more attention to it.

His interest towards history, art and the world's different civilizations has led him to visit many foreign countries, where he has taken a considerable amount of pictures. He has created audiovisuals for the travel trade ("The United States", "Turkey", "Ravenna and its Art") and for industry. Together with his son Luca he collaborates with tour operators and with advertising, graphic-art, and marketing studios. Their articles and photographs have appeared on various pubblications.

Just to mention some:


Various institutions and companies, in the most different fields, have entrusted their promotional messages to their pictures. Among them:


Saro & Luca Di Bartolo's latest personal photography exhibits:


Saro & Luca Di Bartolo's latest projects and publications


"The cosmos rolling around us is a steady and endless mixing of curves and lines which stand side by side, run parallel together, split, go crazy, cross over each other, run away and then come back together.

While doing so they give birth to matchings and melodies, shadows and colour contrasts.

One must stop, stand still and wait, often with extreme and endless patience, and then catch them, exactly in the right spot and exactly at the right moment, neither a single second too soon nor one too late.

That's how I try to "paint" a line or two of poetry on film".
Saro Di Bartolo


"Saro Di Bartolo dedicates extreme attention to every detail, his photographs stand out for the value of their composition, the care with which he explores each possible framing. During his travels he has gathered together a rich wealth of images: the fruit of intuition and  sensitiveness, aesthetic  diligence and rule over his technical tools. Photographs that stand out for the utmost quest for absolute formal rigour. When photographt manages to reach such high levels its become an expression of pure art. Seaching for the symmetry, harmony and poetry in the world surrounding us has become the essential must for him"

- from a presentation by  Pino Parini,
 Professor of Portrayal Psycology at ISIA - "Higher Istitute for Art  Industry & Design" in Urbino Italy





            Among his most significant assignments and  his most recent














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