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The Top 50 Award Winning Web Sites list is now open to ALL web sites that have won 5 (FIVE) or more awards.  Requirements to be a Top 50 Award Winning Web Site may become much more difficult later. Get your site listed NOW to be "grandfathered".





Indexing your Award Programs as blue blood of Internet, award resources, Royal Award University, apply for quality awards, make your own Award Program


"Russian Award Gallery"

The best Award-sites in Russian is presented to you by The Russian Award Gallery. Many Russian web-sites offered the excellent awards. Any from these awards is unique. The web-site should be something especial to be winner of these awards. Detailed criteria can be found at the programs.



 EUTODA Site Awards

The Eutoda Awardsite Listing is for web sites who are offering an award. This is a listing that increases your reliable and the prestige of your award, day after day. When you sign up now, you start with the nominee badge. You can get up to an 500 days badge with three stars, this depents on how long your award program is listed. In this listing you can find rated and independant awards. The goal behind this listing is; to reward an award program that excists for a longer time and becomes more and more experienced. The intension of this listing is, to give your award program more publicity. I wish you and your award program success for the future, good luck!!!



A Web Site Award Submission Treasure


The webmasters of the award sites listed here have joined together to provide you with the opportunity to apply for and display some of the most sought after awards on the web.   You are welcome to browse our sites and apply for the award(s) that your site qualifies for.


A Collection Place for Sites who offers Web Awards.



Here are hundreds of sites awarding awards to web pages which appeal to the particular aesthetics of the awarder.  For a web page to earn a large number of these awards is a distinction, for it indicates that that web page has broad appeal in both content and style.


iClass Sites! primary purpose . . . is to classify and list sites based on respective "legal" content (excluding content that is consider for adults 18 and over) so visitors can determine how to proceed based on interest and age level, including taking under age access restriction measures via their browser or third party software.   Each site is also listed in sub-categories under a main category within its iClass level.


Family Safe

This is an family safe rating only.

To receive this logo your site must be 100 % family safe.



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