RS Nurbs Cap

RS Nurbs Cap is a plugin for Truespace 5.x to Cap Nurbs objects.

example how use it

1. select a nurbs edge (top or bottom) and left click NCap
2. a new object with a cap is created near the first

note: it works in open curves too, but may produce strange objects,
at present I'm looking where place "if" in the source
code to control output objects.

more example

the plugin put the center of the cap calculating the median point of control points,
so to cap objects like 1a, put more control points as show in 1b to force center of cap move at the middle of object.

this free plugin is in development

Download RS Nurbs Cap 0.8 (214KB)

Installation: decompress zip in your Truespace tsx folder,
then in Truespace click to select and install your new plugin

for any question or comment write to