Nurbs Symmetry

NSymmetry is a plugin for Truespace 5.x to make symmetric nurbs objects.

Current version 0.8

with this plugin is easy make
perfect symmetric nurbs objects (C) eliminating the central line of Blend surface tool (B)


an example how to use it

1 starting from a simple nurbs plane
2 model your object and select an edge
3 click "Nsymmetry" button, a new symmetric copy is created
4 you can select another edge
5 click "Nsymmetry" to obtain a new object symmetric in another direction
6 I suggest to put the plugin with the nurbs tool.


car top example

1 make left car top
2 select side to make symmetric
3 click "NSymmetry", a symmetric right object is generated
4 use TS trim tool to make holes
5 others central car parts can be maked using NSymmetry

This is my first plugin, so undoubtedly there are bugs.For info I've used Delphi and TsxFactory.
the plugin works well with nurbs plane.
This free plugin comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Download NSymmetry 0.8 (214KB)

Installation: decompress zip in your Truespace tsx folder,
then in Truespace click to select and install your new plugin

-new object now is of the same material
-rotation and scale as object to make symmetric

know problems:
-produce strange objects if used with non plane nurbs primitives
-location on new object in some cases not match



Version date dd/mm/yy info
0.8 01/02/02 added same material,size,rotation and location(not perfect)
0.6 18/01/02 added work in all four directions
0.1 11/01/02 first version


for any question or comment write to