Chess-items from Italy of 2010

Reggio Emilia (RE) 28.12.2010 - 6.1.2011  "53rd Chess Open Tournament - New year's day" 

The special card for the event - printed in 300 copies :


Vimercate (MI) 26.11.2010 - 8.12.2010  "December Festival - Open Chess Tournament" 

The special cancel for the event 27.11.2010 :

20101127ANN.jpg    20101127AKAUTH.jpg 

20101127RRRIC.jpg  20101127RR.jpg

the special card printed for the event (author Roberto Albertoni)


Torino (TO) 6.11.2010 

 "100 years for the Turin Chess Club"


and the special card 


ARCO (TN) 26.10-6.11.2010 

 "20th World Senior Chess Championship"

The special cancel of october 30th 


and the special card 


MAROSTICA 10-12.9.2010  "33th Edition of the match with live chessmen"

  The special cancel of September 12th on a p.u. cover 


  and on a registered cover 


the special cover (printed in 800 copies) 


and the special card (also printed in 800 copies) issued for the event as always 

Carpaneto Piacentino (PC) 5.9.2010  "54th Popular summer festival 3-6.9.2010" (Living Chess)

The special cancel for the event 5.9.2010 :

20100905ANN.jpg  20100905RR.jpg 20100905RRRIC.jpg


the special card (printed in 300 copies)

Belluno (BL) 7-9.5.2010  "National Chess Tournament "Alp of Nevegal" - regional championship"

The special cancel for the event 7.5.2010 :

20100507ANN.jpg      20100507BLRR.jpg

the special card (printed in 500 copies)

Tounament announcement special cards

Pedavena (BL) : "6th Open chess tournament" July 2010 / the special card (printed in 750 copies) - front and back -


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