Chess-items from Italy of 2006

Piacenza (PC) 20-22.10.2006  "2nd open international chesstournament"

The special cancel for the event 21.10.2006 :



the special card (printed in 400 copies) for the tournament


Belluno (BL) 22-24.9.2006  "1st international chess tournament"

The special cancel for the event 22.9.2006 :


and the special card issued in 500 numbered copies :


Arvier (AO) 11-22.9.2006  "XIV world senior championship"

The special cancel for the event 16.9.2006 :


the special card (printed in 300 copies) for the championship

MAROSTICA 8-10.9.2006  "31th Edition of the match with live chessmen"

  The special cancel of September 10th on a registered cover 


the special cover (1000 copies) and the special card (edited in 1500 copies)


and other nice cards for the event :


the ticket for the saturday night event ... :


Marostica (VI) announcement for the next edition (8-9-10 September) of the chess match

  The special WS cancel used from July  26th  to August 12th in the working days


Frascati (RM) 24.3-2.4.2006  "International Chess Events : Italian blitz championship , International Tournament, Pre Olympic Trials, other various events"

The special cancel for the "rapid-chess Italian championship" , March 26th and the special card and cover :


The special cancel for the "Frascati Chess Tournament" , April 1st and the special card and cover :



The special cancel for the "Chess International events" April 2nd and the special card and cover :



the special cards were printed in 2.000 copies and the special covers too

Monza (MI) 20.5.2006  "50th anniversary of the local chess club"

The special cancel of May 20th and 2 nice special postcards issued for the event



and a curious cover with the chess stamp and the 2 chess cancel issued in the same day in Torino and in Monza .........


37th ChessOlympiad in Turin 2006

Torino (TO) 20.5.2006  "World team chess championship Torino 2006"

Stamp issued by the Italian Post in 3.500.000 items (sheets of 50) for the prioritary mail in Europe at 0,62 with his FDC's chess cancel , a special official postcard and a special official card (here front and back side)



 a very rare and fine print variety of the chess stamp

 a second  postcard , the cancel on a cover postally used and a very nice registered mail


 other special private cards for the related events

Cecami762 Marzari-schio530

Cecami762 Cecami4878 Cecami4920 notcard Cecami4878Cecami7063    ROTALCOLOR Milano - R410 

Torino (TO) 21.5.2006  "World chess championship Torino 2006"

Special cancel for the first day of the Olympic Tournament and a special card for the 37th Olympiad "Torino 2006"


Torino (TO) 2.6.2006  "FIDE Congress in Torino 2006"

Special cancel for the world F.I.D.E. Congress for the 37th Olympiad "Torino 2006"



Here the 3 special cancels used during the the 37th Olympiad "Torino 2006"

Viterbo (VT) 23.5.2006  "Collectors' club meeting 8th edition - school & Philatelic"  The special cancel



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