Chess-items from Italy of 1988

Modena (MO) January 7th '88  "Simultaneous chess match"

the invitation card for the event


Celle Ligure (SV) September 5th '88 "National championship for PP.TT. labourers chess & dama"

  SV880508.jpg (35234 byte)  SV88ann.jpg (29832 byte) 

2 nice special cover printed for the event


Castelvetro (PC) September 3rd '88  "3rd Philatelic thematic exposition"

 PC880903.jpg (35451 byte)  PC88RR.jpg (41633 byte)

the organisation has also printed 2 special cards and 2 special covers

PC88sk1.jpg (49594 byte) Pc88sk2.jpg (41775 byte)

PC88sb.jpg (34515 byte) PC88sb1.jpg (31481 byte) 

Gubbio (PG) September 3rd '88 "XII Philatelic thematic exposition"

  PG880903.jpg (30245 byte)  PG88RR.jpg (40875 byte)

a special card was issued in 500 copies by Ariodante Agostinucci, great collector of chess items and responsible for the magazine "La Scacchiera" in the 50s

      PG88sk.jpg (39547 byte)

this curious RR letter really p.u. has the two italian cancels of the same day : 3.9.88

PG88PC.jpg (41491 byte)

MAROSTICA 9-11.9.88  "22th Edition of the match with live chessmen"

  The special cancel of the 11th September and the special cover (1500 copies printed)

 MA880911.jpg (29179 byte) MA88ann.jpg (25059 byte) MA88sb.jpg (39327 byte)

Cinisello Balsamo (MI) December 12th '88  "Philtema '88"

MI881209.jpg (32882 byte) MI88ann.jpg (31798 byte)

the organisation has also printed a set of 5 cards (one with chess on)

MI88sk.jpg (53797 byte)

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