Chess-items from Italy of 1984

MAROSTICA 7-9.9.84  "20th Edition of the match with live chessmen"

  The special cancel of the 9th September and the special cover (1500 copies printed)

 MA840909.jpg (28478 byte) MA84ann.jpg (27986 byte) MA84sb.jpg (41495 byte)

Potenza September 23th '84 "a century from the death of Paul Morphy - chess philatelic exposition" special cancel and special card (500 copies)

  PT840923.jpg (31329 byte)  PT84ann.jpg (31003 byte) PT84sk.jpg (35815 byte)

Forlė December 12th '84  "5th national chess championship A.R.C.I"

special cancel and special card

FO841208.jpg (31911 byte) FO84ann.jpg (29403 byte) FO84sk.jpg (48159 byte)

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