Chess-items from Italy of 1981

Piacenza April 5th "13th National exposition for holidays and spare time"

a special cancel was used on 5th April with a special card

PC810405.jpg (32340 byte) PC81sk.jpg (36393 byte)

PC81ann.jpg (32196 byte)

Italy may 5th '81 "Idea Europea" a set of two stamps concerning folkloristic events was issued, the first one regarding the Marostica chess match with live chessmen, represented on the FDC cancel too

EU81fran.jpg (62454 byte) EU810504.jpg (30203 byte)

a nice maximum card with the Marostica chess square everywhereEU81max.jpg (44532 byte)

the philatelic club of Marostica has printed 3 special covers special covers

EU81sb1.jpg (42533 byte)

EU81sb2.jpg (40139 byte)

EU81sb3.jpg (42658 byte)

Merano october-december '81"World chess championship between Anatly Karpov and Victor Kortschnoi" previously announced with this private cancel one year before

BZ81sb.jpg (33759 byte)

the Italian post service has issued a special card with a FDC cancel 1.10.81 (the first one in Italy with the text in two languages)

BZ81int.jpg (19345 byte) BZ811001F.jpg (36619 byte) BZ81ann2.jpg (34224 byte)

in october 1st a special cancel was used with the logo of the championship

BZ811001.jpg (33907 byte)  BZ81ann1.jpg (31353 byte)

There have also been two special cards issued for the championship

BZ81sk1.jpg (53925 byte) BZ81sk2.jpg (50510 byte)

from september 29th until december 31th a special meter slogan postmark was used. The first day of use there were a lot of wrong cancels (an inversion between year day and hour ...)

BZ81wser.jpg (48537 byte)

BZ81WS.jpg (36448 byte)

BZ81wsult.jpg (30418 byte)

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