Chess collectors in the world
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 A. Karpov (RUS) and Eddy Bruyns (Edegem, Belgium)           Mr. Ray Alexis ( U.S.A.) President of C.O.S.S.U.     



Riccardo Andreis, Dragoslav Djukanovic & Sjoerd C. Van Ketel in Leiden april 2001


Riccardo Andreis 24.1.1953 (Milano - Italia)


Stefano Castagnetti - (Milano - Italia)


Francois Riva - (Frisange - Luxembourg)                            Peter Kruchem - (Dormagen - Germany)


Gerhard Radosztics - (Leipzig - Germany)


Aurčle Lenoir and his wife (Veurne - Belgium) in Marostica September 7th 2002

Lawrence Totaro, Las Vegas, NV


Jamal Al Barazi & me in Marostica September 10th 2006 .....  and the black queen


Eric Viravaux, Claide Geiger , me and others at benefralux 2006

Nico Van Der Plas from Netherlands Benefralux 2006


the next one ?   from where ?

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