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No war!!!!!!!!!!!!


Help them!



No smoking

I want a law that forbids smoking inside offices and public places, don't you?


A world without wars, death sentences, money, pullution, monopolies, fanatisms and masters. A world where you don't do what you don't like other people do it to you.


Sono solito chiedere alle persone: "Ti faresti amputare (in modo indolore) il migliolo sinistro in cambio di un miliardo? A tal domanda ho avuto le piu' svariate risposte: qualcuno mi ha detto che lo farebbe anche per meno, altri solo per il mignolo destro cosi' da poter continuare a suonare la chitarra. Un altro che sarei doppiamente ..glione se dicessi di no e il giorno dopo perdessi il dito chiudendolo nella portiera della macchina. Infine un'altro mi ha rinfacciato: "se me ne dai due mi faccio amputare anche l'altro". E Tu???

La società

"Basta soltanto avere di più, sempre di più, allora non ci si annoia mai
L'unica cosa che importi nella vita è riuscire in qualche cosa, arrivare ad essere qualcuno, possedere qualcosa. Colui che arriva più in alto e diventa più importante e possiede di più, avrà tutto il resto- e per giunta gratis- cioè amicizia, amori, onori eccetera"
[Michael Ende, Momo]

L'unica cosa che puoi fare in un paese come questo è stare sempre bene o diventare molto ricco, perchè appena hai bisogno di qualcosa ti rendi conto di dove vivi
[A. De Carlo]


"Io cerco sempre di spuntare la spada del tiranno, non opponendole un acciaio meglio affilato, ma deludendo la sua attesa di vedermi offrirgli una resistenza fisica"


"Ieri ho sognato che vedevo Dio e che a Dio parlavo; e ho sognato che Dio mi udiva... Poi ho sognato che sognavo"

Nel mio cammino verso la verità sono portato a dire che Dio non esiste sebbene condivida diversi valori cristiani. Ma ditemi: è più importante credere nel racconto della vita di Gesù o nei valori in esso contenuti?


Berlusconi, you are a master of media and now you want to become the master of Italy. No, thank you. Go home! Many people dream your money and vote for you: I don't dream your money and I'll never vote for you.

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Open Source Software

My manifest pro Open Source software
My manifest pro GNU software
My manifest pro Linux
My manifest against Microsoft

red-brick.png Why OpenSource

Why do you use Microsoft systems when you can have free operating systems and software? The future is the Open Source software (Free Software Foundation, GNU, sourceforge, freshmeat) because the quality of its code is usually better than proprietary sw and you don't have to pay for it!

The software is getting more and more important in our lives: thanks to Microsoft now computers are more friendly but now Microsoft is getting too dangerous, it has got too much power in its hands. You ALWAYS write your private documents and you do internet banking using Microsoft products.


I don't want to become a slave. NO, I DON'T WANT! I DON'T WANT!  I WANT AN ALTERNATIVE, I NEED AN ALTERNATIVE!!!!!!!

Microsoft is too strong from the business point of view but it's software is not as good as Bill Gates says.

false benchmarks
credit cards & IIS
PC Windows-free 1
PC Windows-free 2

Linux is faster than Windows (test ibm)
Microsoft Hotmail still runs on Unix systems (read it)

Microsoft is winning its fight against all the other sw companies but it will NOT win against Open Source community.

red-brick.png Operating Systems

Linux (LinuxDoc, Kerneldavecentral), FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD are free operating systems (you can download them from the web!) and host most of the e-mail/web servers of the world.

They are also good looking with KDE and GNOME. Gnome will  be the default window manager for the future releases of Sun Solaris and HP/UX.

There are several linux distributions, my favourites are: Debian (a not commercial distribution, the best!!! debianplanet ), Slackware (linuxmafia),. Other distributions are: Mandrake (nice for a workstation, multimedia or development box), Redhat, Suse,...

Have a look also at Free Standards and Open Source Development Lab (built by Ibm, HP, Nec, Alcatel, Cisco, Nokia).

The biggest computer companies (IBM, HP,...) think that Linux is becoming a business and they have started giving support for it!

The new operating system of Apple (MacOS X) is FreeBSD inside..

red-brick.png Programming Languages

Why do you use proprietary technologies (ASP and java) to develop your web sites instead of free and universal languages such as PERL (CPAN), PHP, Ruby and Python?  

Look also at XML and EIDOLA

red-brick.png My Downloads

Yahoo Finance

A Ruby library useful to download and manage Yahoo indexes, symbols, quote data and then store them in a MySql database: yahoo-finance-0.6.0.tgz or sourceforge
There's also a previous release written in Perl: yahoo-finance-0.5.0.tgz


Insert a music cd and lunch this Perl script: it will get from all the information about the artist, title of the album and the list of songs and then store it in a MySql database. Download

Broadcast Oracle Sql

A Python/Perl/Ruby script useful to submit a SQL statement to several Oracle instances. Download it ( python, ruby-latest, ruby-previous) There are several links to this tool (freshmeatO'Reilly, iheavy, Ruby Web Site, linuxlinks ). Old releases: Perl release and these samples (ts.sqlp extents.sqlp next.sql)

Statistics about SAP Upgrades

A (Ruby and Perl) script useful to extract statistics from the upgrade log file R3up.log: I use it to compare the duration of the phases of my current upgrade with the previous ones I did.



Powerful Word Generator

Documentation Download

Fortune Photo album

Classic Photo Album and

Unix scripts,no_comment_c.awk,no_comment_c++.awk, no_comment_unix.awk, readme,


My thesis and other things: prolog progs

red-brick.png Server Software

Application servers

Zope is a very powerful framework for building web applications. Zope comes with: a Web server, a Web based interface, an object database, relational integration, scripting language support.

Clustering & HI

Linux Virtual Server (HI and load balancing) and OpenMosix Cluster


MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird (born from interbase source code), Sapdb

NAIS (NASA Acquisition Internet Service) left Oracle for a MySQL database

File servers

With Samba you can connect your Unix box to a Windows network as a simple client or a server. Yes, you can have a PDC running under unix without paying for any license.

Mail servers

YAHOO and HOTMAIL (now a Microsoft Company) and others don't use Microsoft Exchange to manage milion of email boxes but one of Sendmail, Courier, Postfix, Qmail

Print Servers

The Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) is a cross-platform printing solution for all UNIX environments. It is based on the "Internet Printing Protocol" and provides complete printing services to most PostScript and raster printers. CUPS is provided under the GNU GPL...

Proxy servers

One of the most famous proxy servers is squid. It is used, for instance, in ENI group. You can use is as cache proxy, an httpd accellerator and a transparent proxy.

Web servers

The most popular web server is apache and not Microsoft IIS (see netcraft).

You can add powerful statistcs about your web site's accesses with Analog+ Report Magic

red-brick.png Workstation Software


Microsoft Explorer is not The internet browser: have a look at Mozilla (it was born from Netscape Navigator source code and the latest releases of Netscape are now built from mozilla code :-), Galeon and Konqueror.


wine is an implementation of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs on top of X and Unix. Wine does not requre Mirosoft Windows, as it is a completely alternative implementation consisting of 100% Microsoft-free code, but it can optionally use native system DLLs if they are available.


The GIMP (I use it to build the titles of my web pages), Gphoto, Qcad


To convert your DVDs into DIVX files you can use drip and transcode

The most famous sw to burn your Cds are: cdrecord and cdrdao. They are very stable and powerful command line utilities ( see also mkisofs, cdda2wav, cdparanoia) but if you prefer there are many graphical interfaces to these tools.


Perhaps you don't know but there are several Office suites (GnomeOffice, StarOffice, OpenOffice, Koffice) you can use for your Company to read/write word, excel and powerpoint documents without paying for them!!! You know that a Office license is not so cheap...

Remote Control

tightvnc is a great client/server software package allowing remote network access to graphical desktops. It is less eavy than PCAnywhere...

rdesktop is an open source client for Windows NT Terminal Server and Windows 2000 Terminal Services, capable of natively speaking Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in order to present the user's NT desktop