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Resources, sources and programs in VBscript, JavaScript and Java (for creating Iper Pages Internet HTML)

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Test these effects pressing on the written Sample !
00002 Effect Immages with Click and Sample
00003 Effect open page with Sample
00004 Sample moving Sample
00005 Sample copy source code Sample
00006 Sample call Routines Sample
00007 Sample write and read text file Sample
00008 Sample Scrool left with DIV Sample
00009 Sample utiliza META Information in Pag.HTML and view source code Sample
00010 Info name of page HTM Sample
00011 Info type Browser Sample
00012 Info value of TAG in HTML Sample
00013 Call two Side with only an Sample
00014 Menu with frame over Sample
00015 Menu lateral with scroll from Sample
00016 Menu lateral over Sample
00017 Menu Pop-Up with Sample
00018 Goto other Side otherwise type Sample
00019 View automatic Sample
00020 View sequenze of Sample
00021 View Logo Image on botom page for 6 Sample
00022 Sample call routine JavaScript and VBscript Sample
00023 View Name of HTML page Sample
00024 Protect source window Pop-UP left butom Mouse Sample
00025 Zoom & Scroll text with ball of Mouse with Javascript Sample
00026 Bargraph 3D example with Html and CSS Sample

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