It installs Dialer-Control in order to block the DIALER-ActiveX-Virus programs that call numbers of telephone to payment (709-144-166-899-00xx) without wanting it!!! - It blocks and it eliminates programs spy with Spyboot !!!
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Dialer-Control functions sample

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Link installation Dialer-Control

ANTI-DIALER (for ANTI-SPY go after)

Like defending itself from the DIALER-ActiveX-Virus programs that call numbers of telephone to payment (709-144-166-899) without wanting it !!! 1. To never answer with Si/Ok/No in the ActiveX windows or strange questions to press the right push-button up (x) in order to cancel the loading ! 2. If by now you have installed for mistake or without to know it Dialer, installing program Dialer-Control I can to see in window, which number comes effectively called, when I call Internet and the name of the program that calls it, with the possibility of block Dialer !!! 3. If you have logon ADSL does not work the change of Num. telephone, and your Telephone Bill is saves, but the program in memory, like a Virus, you give always problems, and it is not easy to remove it !

Italian programs Anti-Dialer are several, but Dialer Control is better, why I see the true Number of called Telephone, the name of the program that recalls Internet, I can block programs and various numbers from just and moreover have the versions in Italian and English language. The last version of the program Dialer Control the found ones near the Link:

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NOVITA' ANTI-SPY (It blocks and it eliminates 18000 hidden programs spy !)

We advise hour Spybot-S&D, the better software Gratis (according to PC World, PC Mag...)
for the protection of the privacy today available! SPYBOT-S&D FREE Se usate Internet (con connessioni ADSL) e' indispensabile un Firewall per bloccare gli accessi indesiderati al vostro PC ! Con Windows XP installate assolutamente l'aggiornamento gratuito SP2 (si trova un CD-Rom allegato alle riviste di informatica in edicola!) Altrimenti installate ZoneAlarm gratuito dal sito:

LINK in order to unload the program To-aware in order eliminating programs Anti-Dialer and Spy of your information:

AD-AWARE AD-AWARE AD-AWARE AD-AWARE AD-AWARE Cours - Like defending to you from the Dialers and the swindles on Internet by 3Web Marketing

LINK Anti-Dialer:

Adjustment authority for telecommunications and post office (RegTP) Freiwillige self-check of telephone increase in value services e.V. www.fst Dialer and right Fraud with 0190.Rufnummern as well as criminal offences in the InterNet

Campagna contro i dialer Campagna contro i dialer

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