Clio 16V 284 hp [by Officina Penso]

Another unsuspectable Clio 16V on the streets...but don't
only look at its body, the engine is served by a Garrett T3:
284 hp @ 6527 rpm - 31,2 kgm @ 6527 rpm

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The Clio 16V presented this time has got really extra power...284 hp @ 6527 rpm, that extra that doesn't let the owners of standard 16 valvers to sleep quietly...the good thing about this turbo transformation is that the extra supply of power is truncated only by the rev limiter, because the engine could easily continue to supply even more hp and torque, but it's always good to keep some margins for engine durability. Externally this Clio seems to be pretty standard except a set of 7x15 StilAuto rims, sprayed in gold tint, and the lowering of the chassis in 3,5-4 cm. Instead on board the owner wanted to fit a set of superb Sparco Supersport racing seats together with a Sparco rally steering wheel; on the dashboard found place also a turbo pressure meter, a gas exhaust temperature indicator and finally an ignition meter.

The tuning of the engine is focused on the fitting of the Garret T3, capable to pump during the overboost at 1,4 bar and normally at 1,1-1,2 bar; together with the compressor make their appearance a pop-off valve, an oversized intercooler, a bigger oil pump, bigger injectors served by a modified Marelli ECU and a dynamic K&N air filter. Of course in order to reach such a level of power the pistons were replaced by other lighter ones; on the contrary the camshafts remained the original but were modified. The head ratio was lowered to 7,5:1 and the transmission modified also with a longer final ratio, just to be capable to handle the extra torque. The exhaust system is made by a custom made manifold and the rest by SuperSprint elements. Finally some words about the chassis lowering made using a complete height adjustable kit and the brakes system uprated using Brembo Serie Oro discs and Ferodo Racing pads, joined by a full teflon/metallic pipes kit.

The first ride impressions are to drive a car with only about 240 hp, but pushing the accelerator is very easy to find those extra 45 hp for a total of 284, not bad for only a 1.8 liter...for the rest nothing to say: the sound of the pop-off can be easily heared; in order to get exceptional performances it's not necessary to pass the 6000 rpm but the supply of the power from 3500 rpm is really exuberant and from 4000 rpm a kick on your ass is always secure...till 6500 rpm, reached very very very (!) quick untill the rev limiter makes its sad work! Anyway it's necessary to keep a good attention of level when driving hard because 284 hp handled by the front wheels ,without a limited slippery differential, is not so common. The work made by the new suspensions is very good, precise steering, good riding with very few roll and an effective ride also on tracks, considering that it was made for every day use. So this Clio 16V by Penso is optimally balanced in all its aspects: engine, chassis, brakes, drivng sensations and of course an irresistible sound coming from the backbox and the pop-off!

Max speed
250,500 km/h in V
Acceleration from zero
 0-100 m6"64102,0 km/h 
 0-400 m14"68164,6 km/h 
 0-100 km/h6"4895,6 m 
 0-140 km/h10"64235,4 m 
From 80 km/h in 5th
 80-100 km/h1"8846,5 m 
 80-140 km/h5"96183,4 m