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News 5/2002 - OUT NOW: IGOR18 / CHAOS AS SHELTER "Locust Wind" CD-R

Look for infos about this release in the Catalogue section.

Still available:

LUX MAMMOTH "New Gauge Sinner" CD-R (200x)

...taken from the bio: "(...) LUX MAMMOTH are a 2 piece noise outfit, using 2 bass guitars and a series of fx and samplers to create a very unusual, soundscape type of music - a wide range of sounds from softly bowed strings to the most painful of distortion. (...)"

I BURN "Il riequilibrio Delle Risorse" CD-R (200x) out January 2002

The first new I Burn’s release since 2000’s “3rd Degree Burns Ambience” CD: it features 2 new unreleased songs, "Rebalance#1" and "Rebalance#2", two very long tracks (37 + 16 minutes!) recorded while being performed "live" on studio, processing in real-time the same prerecorded sound-sources...