NAME: Valentino



AGE: 32

COUNTRY : Lecce (Italy)

FAVORITE SONGS : Later tonight - It couldn't happen here - It's alright - Being boring - Paninaro 95 - A different point of view - Can you forgive her?- That's my impression - DoI have to? - New york city boy - Footsteps- Up against it - Before - I don't know what you want- Minimal- Numb- I made my excuses and left.

FAVORITE MUSIC : Electronic, Blur, Suede, David Bowie, New Order, Depeche Mode, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Prodigy, Chemical brothers, The Smiths, Faithless, Craig David, Justin Timberlake, 2Pac,Blank and Jones,Planet Funk.


I'm a big fan of the Pet shop boys since the time of West End girls. I had about seven years old at the time, I''m a member of their official fan club and I think that their music give a lot of emotions and sound very genious.

I''m a driving teacher in my town on the south of Italy.

My photo with Neil:

The first Dj Culture album is out now!







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