In 1987 the Pet shop boys first collaboration on Dusty Sprigfield album "Reputetion".They written and produced 8 songs like "Arrested by you" "In private " "Daydreaming" and "Nothing has been proved" soundtrack of the film "Scandal" .The album was repackaged and rereleased in 1997 as "Reputation And Rarieties" with four bonus tracks - two of them previously unreleased (originally recorded for Reputation but not used).

Track Listing

  1. Reputation
  2. Send It To Me
  3. Arrested By You
  4. Time Waits For No One
  5. Born This Way
  6. In Private
  7. Daydreaming
  8. Nothing Has Been Proved
  9. I Want To Stay Here
  10. Occupy Your Mind

Dusty rest in peace......

In 1989 they produced Liza Minelli album "Results" with two PSB covers:

I want you know - Losing my mind - If there was love - So sorry,I sad - Don't drop bombs - Twist in my sobriety - Rent - Love pains - Tonight is forever - I can't say goodbye.




In 1988, the Pet Shop Boys contributed their song "I'm Not Scared" to Patsy Kensit's band Eighth WonderThe song became a success and helped to bring attention to .  her group and their debut album the reverse side of the single can be found another version "Fearless".  On of the song in which Patsy recites all of the songs lyrics in French, hence the song title "J'ai Pas Peur".  The Pet Shop Boys later recorded their own version of the track and released it on their "Introspective" album.


In 1993 Chris Lowe produced the song "Do the right thing" for the massive english footballer Ian Wright. It became a mild club hit, but never received the mainstream popularity that Ian had hoped for.  In the same year, the Pet Shop Boys gave a song known as "Falling" to Kylie Minogue to record.  Kylie accepted the track, but her final version (produced by Farley & Heller) sounded nothing at all like the Pet Shop Boys' original version.  She stated at the time that she wanted it to sound "less like the Pet Shop Boys". 

 In 1999, they have recorded a new duet together entitled "In Denial" which appear on the Pet Shop Boys album Nigthlife and also in their musical.


In 1993  Neil & Chris produced 4 tracks for the artist David Jhon Cicero alias CICERO Discovered in 1989 by the Pet Shop Boys' manager Pete Andreas, Cicero was finally signed to the Spaghetti Records label (PSB LABEL) The songs are "Love is everywere" -"Heaven Must Have Sent You back to me"-"My middle class life" and "That loving feeling".The album is called "Future boy".

Then PSB produced with Boy George the soundtrack of Neil Jordan "The soldier's wife" which contains "The crying game" singed by Boy George , "Let the music play " with Caroll Thompson on vocal and "Live for today"singed by Cicero.

In 1994 they remixed the NO.1 song of the english group BLUR "Girls and boys" from the album "Parklife".


When Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner got together to form Electronic in 1989 some wondered whether two leading elements from Britain's two biggest independent bands of the Eighties (The Smiths guitarist and New Order vocal, respectively) could integrate enough to establish a new sound. Their debut single "Getting Away With It", dispelled any doubts. Released on December 4th 1989, it occupied the top end of the UK charts for the whole of the Christmas period and beyond, whilst in the USA, Radio spontaneously embraced the track, with it subsequently reaching the Billboard Top 40, despite their being no album. On their first album "Electronic" the pet shop boys co-produced with Bernard & Johnny some of the track like "The patience of saint" and "Getting away with it".Neil Tennat sing also on the NO.1 track "Disappointed" in 1991.You can find "Disappointed" also in the soundtrack of the film "The cool world" with B.Pitt and K.Basinger.

The Electronic released other two albums "Raise the pressure" in 1996 and "Twisted tenderness" in 1999.PSB has no involved on the last two albums.

In 1996 Pet shop boys remixed with B.Eno , David Bowie's "Hallo Spaceboy" which reached NO.3 in Uk.They did drastically reconstructing it into a major dance hit.  It was Neil's idea to incorporate lyrics from another Bowie classic "Space Oddity" into the song.




In 1996  Neil&Chris produced the track "Confidential" for Tina Turner included on Tina album "Wildest dreams". It is also b-sides of Single bilingual with Neil on vocal.

Neil and Chris appers on Elton John party in 1997 doing a new version of "Believe\Song for guy" singed with E.John.






In the spring 1998 Neil collabored with galaxi of stars like STING, SUEDE, R.WILLIAMS, ELTON JOHN, SHOLA AMA ,DIVINE COMMEDY ,TEXAS ,D.ALBARN on the realesed of the album "20TH CENTURY BLUES THE SONGS OF NOEL COWARD" for the Red hot aids charity that contains the track "Sail away" produced by PSB and programming R.Williams song's"There a bad time just around the corner".





Neil Tennant: Introduction
Texas: Parisian Parrot

The Divine Comedy: I've Been To A Marvellous Party
 Paul McCartney: A Room With A View
 Pet Shop Boys: Sail Away
 Shola Ama And Craig Armstrong: Someday I'll Find You

 Robbie Williams: There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner
 Bryan Ferry: I'll See You Again
 Mrianne Faithful: Mad About The Boy
 Space: Mad Dogs and Englishmen
 Suede Featuring Raissa: Poor Little Rich Girl
 Sting: I'll Follow My Secret Heart
 Damon Albarn with Micheal Nyman: London Pride
 Vic Reeves: Don't Put Your Daughter On The Stage Mrs. Worthington

 Elton John: Twentieth Century Blues


In the 1997 at Camden Roundhouse Neil performed "Rent" and "Saturdy Night" with Suede .

You can find the tracks on Suede cd single 2 Filmstar.


On november 1998 Neil did some arrangement and the backing vocals on the NO.1 Robbie Williams hit single "No regrets" from the album "I've been expecting you".

Then R.Williams remixed his version of"I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing" .

You can find this track on the cd single"Let me entertein you"




In 1998 PSB realized the track "Screaming" for the remake of Gus Van Sant "Psyco".

You can find in the soundtrack or like b-side of "I don't know what you want but I can't give it anymore ".

In 1998, artist Sam Taylor-Woods (who supplied the backdrop videos to the "Somewhere" concert performances) asked the Pet Shop Boys to produce her contribution to a compilation CD of popular British artists which became known as the "Ambassadors - We Love You" futique.  They agreed, and the resulting track was "Je T'aime ... Moi Non Plus", a remake of the 1969 French hit by Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg.

On Nightlife the Pet shop boys collaboreted with the best Garage music DJ\producer David Morales and with the mind of English dance group Faithless Rollo.

For the orchestra arrangement they chose Massive Attak producer Craig Armstrong.

On backing vocals the beautiful _Sylvia Mason James and for"In denial" duets with K. Minogue

Closer To Heaven (2001)

Original cast recording Production: Pet Shop Boys and Stephen Hague

1. Frances Barber - My Night 2. Paul Keating - Something Special 3. Paul Keating & Stacey Roca - Closer To Heaven 4. Stacey Roca & David Burt - In Denial 5. Paul Broughton - Call Me Old-Fashioned 6. Paul Keating & Stacey Roca - Nine Out Of Ten 7. Frances Barber - Caligula 8. Pet Shop Boys - Hedonism (Instrumental) 9. Frances Barber - Friendly Fire 10. Paul Broughton - Shameless 11. David Burt - Vampires 12. Paul Keating & Tom Walker - Closer To Heaven 13. Stacey Roca - Out Of My System 14. Pet Shop Boys - K-Hole (Instrumental) 15. Paul Keating - For All Of Us 16. Paul Keating - Closer To Heaven 17. Paul Keating - Positive Role Model.



Fat Les: Jerusalem (2000)

Bloodhound Gang: Mope (2000)

The Collaboration: Break 4 Love (2001)







Miu: All or nothing (2002)

Yoko Ono: Walking on this ice (2003)

Kiki Kokova: Love to love you baby(2003) 

Alcazar Love life (2003)

Atomizer:Hooked on Radiation


Pete Burns: Jack and Jill Party(2004)


Rammstein: Mein Teil (2004)

Superchumbo Wowie Zowie: Tranquilizer (2005)

Madonna: Sorry (2006)


She is Madonna ( 2007 )

Killers Read My mind ( 2007 )

The Loving Kind ( 2008)


Sam TaylorWood (2008)






Back To Mine (2005) Compilation:
CD Chris: 1. Savage: Don’t Cry Tonight 2. Mr Flagio: Take A Chance 3. Klein and MBO: Dirty Talk 4. The Flirts: Passion 5. Matia Bazaar: Ti Sento 6. Justice vs. Simian: Never Be Alone 7. Queen: The Show Must Go On 8. Celestial Choir: Stand On The Word 9. Carl Bean: I Was Born This Way 10. Dusty Springfield: I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love.

CD Neil: 1. Fairmont: Traum 2. Harold Budd/Ruben Garcia/Daniel Lentz: Pulse, Pause, Repeat 3. Biosphere: Microgravity 4. Vladmir Martynov: Come in! 2 5. Vladimir Cosma: Promenade Sentimentale (From Diva) 6. Etienne Daho: La Baie 7. Vessel: Tiny 8. Craig Armstrong: Laura’s Theme 9. Dettinger: One, Two, Three, No Gravity 10. Dusty Springfield: Goin’ Back 11. Hans Joachim Roedelius: Lunz 12. Edward Elgar: Sospiri 13. jz-arkh: DDRhodes 14. Video Kid: Video Kid 15. Lobe: Movement 16. John Surman: At Dusk 17. Greig: Melodie `Melody' (op 47/3).

"All of my friends keep asking me why, oh, why do you not say goodbye? If you don't even try you'll be sunk 'cause you only tell me you love me when you're drunk ........"