23 03 2009


The long-awaited and much-discussed new Pet Shop Boys album, "Yes", was officially released in the UK on March 23rd.

It was already available from iTunes. The double-CD version, "Yes etc.", is only available on CD and stocks are limited, although more copies are already being pressed due to demand from retailers.
"Yes", Pet Shop Boys' tenth studio album, was produced by Brian Higgins/Xenomania and contains 11 new songs, including three songs co-written with Xenomania.
"Yes etc." features a new song, "This used to be the future", produced by Xenomania and featuring guest vocals from Philip Oakey of The Human League as well as six instrumental dub mixes of songs from "Yes".

On the iTunes Top Albums chart, "Yes" is currently 5 in the UK, 2 in Germany, 2 in Switzerland, 1 in Sweden, 2 in Finland, 7 in Norway, 5 in Denmark.
In the UK midweek chart, "Yes" is number 1 today.



Disc 1

1. Love Etc
2. All Over The World
3. Beautiful People
4. Did You See Me Coming
5. Vulnerable
6. More Than A Dream
7. Building A Wall
8. King Of Rome
9. Pandemonium
10. The Way It Used To Be
11. Legacy

Disc 2

1. This Used To Be The Future
2. More Than A Dream (Magical Dub)
3. Pandemonium (The Stars And The Sun Dub)
4. The Way It Used To Be (Left At Love Dub)
5. All Over The World (This Is A Dub)
6. Vulnerable (Public Eye Dub)
7. Love Etc (Beautiful Dub)


The album has a running time of approximately 48 minutes.




20th Century Reviews

1. Love Etc  9\10 Great Xenomania production

2. All Over The World 8\10 Too slow for me

3. Beautiful People 9\10 Jhonny is back!

 4.Did You See Me Coming 10\10 Pure pop

5. Vulnerable 8\10 Neil detest the public eye

 6. More Than A Dream 10\10 Very strong intro and final vocals,the lyrics are dedicaded for my town!

7. Building A Wall 8\10 Political song

8. King Of Rome 10\10 Neil's voice is supreme

9. Pandemonium  10\10 Another pure pop

10. The Way It Used To Be 10\10 The best track in the album. I like to see in the concerts played live

11. Legacy 8\10 I think it was for Dainton but another political song

12. This Used To Be The Future 9\10 Great duet with Chris on vocal!


First single: LOVE ETC


1. Love etc.
2. Gin and Jag

1. Love etc. (Album version)
2. Love etc. (Pet Shop Boys mix)
3. Love etc. (Gui Boratto remix)
4. Love etc. (Kurd Maverick remix)
5. Love etc. (Frankmusik Star & Garter dub)
6. Love etc. (Kurd Maverick dub)

Digital Bundle 1
1. Love etc.
2. We're all criminals now
3. Vulnerable
4. Did you see me coming?

Digital Bundle 2
1. Love etc. (Pet Shop Boys mix)
2. Love etc. (Gui Boratto remix)
3. Love etc. (Kurd Maverick remix)
4. Love etc. (Frankmusik Star & Garter dub)


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 Second Single :Did you see me coming?

Pet Shop Boys release their new single “Did you see me coming?” on Parlophone Records on June 1st. The track is the second to be taken from the top 5 album "Yes".
The formats of “Did you see me coming?” feature brand new tracks “After the event”, “The former enfant terrible” and “Up and down” which do not feature on the album. There is also a new mix of album track “The way it used to be” by Richard X. The Brits medley, produced by Stuart Price, which was originally performed in February when Pet Shop Boys received the award for Outstanding Contribution to Music, is also released in one of the digital bundles due to popular demand.

Track listing

2-track CD
  1. "Did You See Me Coming?" – 3:41
  2. "After the Event" – 5:19
Maxi CD
  1. "Did You See Me Coming?" (PSB Possibly More mix) – 8:52
  2. "The Former Enfant Terrible" – 2:56
  3. "Up and Down" – 3:43
12" Vinyl
  1. "Did You See Me Coming?" (PSB Possibly More mix) – 8:52
  2. "Did You See Me Coming?" (Unicorn Kid mix) – 4:13
  3. "The Way It Used to Be" (Richard X mix) – 8:39
Digital bundle 1
  1. "Did You See Me Coming?"
  2. Pet Shop Boys Brit Awards medley
Digital bundle 2
  1. "Did You See Me Coming?" (Unicorn Kid mix)
  2. "The Way It Used to Be" (Richard X mix)
Digital bundle 3
  1. "Did You See Me Coming?" (PSB Possibly More mix)
  2. "The Former Enfant Terrible" (Bring it on mix)
iTunes US Digital Download
  1. "Did You See Me Coming? (PSB Possibly More Mix)" - 8:48
  2. "After the Event" - 5:16
  3. "Up and Down" - 3:41
  4. "The Former Enfant Terrible (Bring It On Mix)" - 7:22
  5. "Did You See Me Coming? (Unicorn Kid Mix)" – 4:08
  6. ""The Way It Used to Be" (Richard X Mix)" – 8:37
iTunes US Digital Download 2
  1. "Did You See Me Coming?" - 3:40
  2. "The Former Enfant Terrible" - 2:51
  3. "Pet Shop Boys "Brits" Medley" - 9:31
German Maxi CD (released on 19th June 2009)[5]
  1. "Did You See Me Coming?"
  2. "After the Event"
  3. "The Former Enfant Terrible"
  4. "Up and Down"


Watch the video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcyPKlFdUHA