Best Album

Very (1993)

Best Single

Being Boring (1991)

Best Video

I don't know what you want but i can't give it anymore (1999)

Best Dance

Casting a shadow 

New York city boy B Side (1999)

Best Classic

King's Cross (1987)

Best Love Song

I made my excuses and left (2006)

Best Lyric

Luna Park (2006)

Best Male Collaboration

Hallo Spaceboy Feat David Bowie (1996)

Best Female Collaboration

Sorry Feat Madonna (2006)

Best live Performance

Discovery Tour (1994)

Best City Song

New York City boy (1999)

Best Remix

Home and dry

(Blank and Jones Mix 2000)

Best B Sides

Do I have to?

Always on my mind B-side (1987)

Best Chart Position

Go west (1993)

Best Cover

Somewhere (1997)

Best Single Design

Yesterday, when I was mad (1994)

Best Photo

Dj Culture (1991)


Best Web

Pet Shop Boys Commentary

Wayne Studer