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 LIMITED TRADING (See Wanted List)

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 2010, December 8th



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Trading rules:
  1) I only trade CD's and DVD's: DON'T ASK TO SELL THEM !
  2) I only trade 1 : 1, trades of Audio CD's against Video CD's are accepted. Trades of Video DVD's are
      accepted against Video DVD's or against Audio CD's with ratio 1 : 3 (3 Audio CD's for 1 Video 
      DVD's). I hope you will do as well, if not, let me know.
  3) I use a Windows XP System with Plextor DVD Rom Reader and Writer.
  4) I use Verbatim CD-R and DVD-R for your copies, please use good quality discs as well.
  5) No CD-R in my list is from mp3 source, to my knowledge: I don't accept mp3 source CD's.
  6) All the CD's and DVD's in the list are complete with artworks, I made by myself simple ones for the
      CD's and DVD's originally without. If you ask, I will send scans of my artworks as .jpg files.
  7) All the CD's have been remastered to the correct speed if needed and removing, as much as possible,
      the clicks on the original copies I have. The ones that still contain clicks are noted: this means that
      you are informed about possible faults in the CD's in advance. I ask you to do as well.

      I'm working in order to have all the Video DVD's and Video CD's with a menu or at least an index

      that allows you to access directly to the beginning of each song.

  8) I burn your Audio CD copy extracting the whole CD as one .wav file only and generating a cue sheet
      file copying the tracks' index: this is the only way to burn the CD in real Disc-At-Once mode and
      avoid the generation of new clicks, I ask you to do as well. Feel free to ask me technical suggestions
      about this. I burn your CD at 4x speed, I ask you to do the same.
      I burn your DVD or Video CD extracting the whole DVD/CD on the PC as image, then burn the
      empty media at 2x speed. I make no copies On-The-Fly, I ask you to do the same.

  9) I sample check your copies before sending: whenever you will receive a faulted copy I will send a

      new one. I ask you to do as well.


10) I always use Priority Mail to send your disc's, I ask you to do the same.