Peter Boom was born the fifth of six children in Bloemendaal in Holland in 1936. He was four when his country was invaded by the Nazis. His mother, who came from a wealthy family, was one of the first women in Holland to drive a car in 1920 and was one of Maria Montessori’s first students. A difficult and rebellious child, Peter had read all the books in the family library by the time he was nine, when he wrote a novel himself about the adventures of a Dutchman who flew around the world and settled in Rome.Peter went to a school that taught the classics, but left before his final exams because he felt they were merely a formality, and decided to study singing. He was considering Theological study at fifteen, then Psychology, but in the end, settled for Music. He spent his military service in the Medical Corps, after which he moved to Milan in 1956, to study Opera.After the disintegration of his parents marriage he had to find himself a job. He became an interpreter, worked in the import-export business for a time, became a Private Investigator and, at last, ended up acting in the Theatre. He worked for the Piccolo Teatro in Milan with Strehler and appeared in a few films, saving enough to move to Rome in 1963.

He had the chance to sing in a concert of church music in Geneva with Monserrat Caballé, appeared in "Rosenkavalier" at the Spoleto Festival, conducted by Thomas Schippers and directed by Louis Malle. He also sang at the Fenice in Venice, conducted by Ettore Gracis. He had supplied lyrics and/or sung for composer-conductors Ennio Morricone, Luis Enrique Bacalov, Bruno Nicolai, Armando Trovaioli, Stelvio Cipriani and Giombini, both on records and the soundtracks of films and dubbed leading parts in the Italian versions of several important musicals including the highly successful Carol Reed film of "Oliver" (in the part of Fagin).His roles in films include: "La Montagna della Paura"(Mountain of Fear- directed by Emilio Marsili), "L’Agnese Va a Morire" (Agnes Goes to her Death - Giuliano Montaldo), "Von Buttiglione "Sturmtruppenfü hrer"(Mino Guerrini), "Quel Maledetto Treno Blindato" (Enzo G:Castellari), "Il Vizietto" (La Cage aux Folles - Edouard Molinarň), "Orient Express" (Marcel Moussy), "Dimenticare Venezia" (To Forget Venice - Franco Brusati), "Il Fiume del Grande Caimano"(Sergio Martino), "La Disubbidienza" (Aldo Lado), "Le Ciel est leur Métier"(J.Pierre Decourt), "Delitto al Ristorante Cinese" (Murder in a Chinese Restaurant - Bruno Corbucci), "Il Buon Soldato" (The Good Soldier - Franco Brusati), "Sturmtruppen 2" (Salvatore Samperi), "Concorde Affair" (Ruggero Deodato), "Starcrash" (Luigi Cozzi), "Il Treno per Istanbul" (Gianfranco Mingozzi), "Pope John Paul II" (Robert Wise), "Qualcosa di Biondo" (Maurizio Ponzi), "Non Ci Resta Che Piangere" (Massimo Troisi and Roberto Benigni), "Zonetroopers" (Danny Bilson), "Father Brown" (Vittorio De Sisti), "Attentato al Papa" (Attempt on the Pope - Giuseppe Fina), "Mino il Piccolo Alpino" (Gianfranco Albano), "Der Tod des Empedokles" (Jean Marie Straub and Daničle Huillet), "The Day Before" (Giuliano Montaldo), "Etoile" (Peter Del Monte), "Maux Croises" (Claude Chabrol), "Vanille Fraise" (Gerard Oury), "Sicher ist Sicher" (Peter Weck), "Am Dreizehnten Tag" (Gernot Friedel), Life is a Paradise (Stefania Casini), Dio vede e provvede (Enrico Oldoini), Leo e Beo (Rossella Izzo), The golden grain (Alvaro Passeri), Bodyguards (Neri Parenti), among others. He worked with many international artists like Sofia Loren, Nino Manfredi, Mel Ferrer, Burt Lancaster, Joseph Cotten, Erland Josephson, etc. He has been directed in the Theatre by Mario Carotenuto, Giancarlo Sbragia, Nino Manfredi and Mario Missiroli.He wrote a mystery novel entitled "Vendetta al Curaro" (Chain of Evil) published in Italy by Carlo Mancosu, and "2020, il Nuovo Messia" (2020, The New Messiah) published by Edizioni della B.I.G. Both books are available in english for foreign editors. Peter Boom just finished a second thriller "Il Castello della Pistola" (only italian version). (P. Boom speaks five languages: Dutch, Italian, English, German, and French).

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