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Wavetek Model 185

Sweep Generator







The Wavetek 185 Function Generator covers the frequency range of 0.0001Hz to 5MHz (10 ranges).

Waveforms : Sine, triangle, square, positive pulse, negative pulse.

Operating modes: Continuous, triggered, gated, sweep.

Dial accuracy: 2%

Output: 20 V p-p






(from the original Wavetek instruction manual)


1)     Power switch     

2)     Start frequency dial     1A)  Start frequency lamp

3)     Stop frequency dial     4 A) Stop frequency lamp

4)     Sweep mode selector (sweep start/sweep stop/cont ramp/trig ramp/cont step/single step)

5)     Sweep time control (off/ 100 s/10 s/1 s/100 ms/10 ms/ 1 ms/ 100 Ás)

6)     Main output connector (50Ω)

7)     Amplitude control

8)     Synchronizing pulse output control

9)     DC offset control

10)    Waveform selector

11)    Manual trigger control

12)    Remote trigger input connector

13)    Trigger level control

14)    Generator mode selector (linear or logarithmic)  

15)    Sweep ramp output connector

16)    Waveform symmetry control

17)    GCV output connector (provides DC excursions of 0 to about +5V)

18)    Frequency range control (linear or logarithmic mode)

19)    Frequency Vernier control

20)    VCG input connector (positive or negative input DC voltages) 


The Model 185 is similar to model 184. Both operate over the broad 0.0001 Hz to 5 MHz frequency range with linear rate sweeps.

Model 185 has in addition logarithmic sweep of 100.000 : 1  in its upper five ranges and offers also step sweep.



The Wavetek 185 instruction manual  and the original Wavetek model 184/185 brochure (containing all the specifications)

are available on request:








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