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Thorens TD 125 MKII

3-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable


Made in Switzerland (1972 – 1975)

From left to right : Speed selector (16/33/45 RPM) -  Stroboscope with knurled wheel for pitch  control    Off/On switch  -  Tone arm lift. TP16 standard tone arm.

3-Speed Belt-Drive suspended chassis turntable with electronic speed control.

The MKII follows the previous version TD 125 MKI, manufactured from 1968 until to 1971. Both models have electronic speed control and the same suspended chassis via a 3 point springs seated inside the turntable and the top plate. 

Instead of the TP 25 or TP 12 tone-arms mounted in TD 125 MKI, this one is provided with the new TP16 tone arm.




The anti-skating devices is created by means of magnetic field, without any additional friction. In addition the calibration takes into consideration too the condition of record surface ( dry or no groove cleaning / wet groove cleaning) and  the needle shape  ( spherical or elliptic).


The 3 springs suspended chassis



Are available on request the owner’s manual and the service manual



Are available on request the abstracts of testing performed by Italian magazines Suono (no.27,1974 - no.35,1975 - no.44 suppl.,1975) and Stereoplay (no.20,1975)


Sono disponibili a richiesta gli estratti delle prove tecniche seguite dalle riviste italiane Suono (no.27,1974 - no.35,1975 - no.44 suppl.,1975) e Stereoplay (n.20,1975)





             How to set up a three-spring suspended TT really well.




              Thorens History






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