SOTA Cosmos

Vacuum Turntable



“The COSMOS cabinet has historically been made of critically-damped Fountainhead™, by Nevamar™, a beautiful and inert material, including the matching

Fountainhead cabinet for the Pump/Power Supply unit.”

More recently SOTA offers new cabinets : American Cherry, Piano Gloss  Black Acrylic and Exotic Woods as African Rosewood and Macassar Ebony.




  • Motor:   24 Pole A/C Stepper Motor
  • Control Over Power Line Impurities (which result in sonic anomalies)
  • Floating Seismic Platform (The sub-chassis system is constructed of self-damping materials and hung from a four-point spring suspension. The four springs are damped to absorb high frequencies and decoupled from the sub-chassis to minimize energy transfer, fixing the suspension frequency at 2.5 Hz.)
  • Individually balanced 12 lb one-piece cast platter (Alternate layers of hard and soft materials to make internally damped sandwiches against the transmission of unwanted vibrations. The top layer of the platter is an acrylic material, impedance-matched to the vinyl record. To achieve maximum flywheel effect, 60% of the platter’s mass is concentrated on the outside edge.)
  • Internally dampened, multi-layer 15-pound vacuum platter system with the Vinyl Format Mat. This electronic-sensing system, provides LP clamping vacuum pressure of 3.0” Hg, +/- 0.2” Hg


Floating seismic platform

SOTA Platter

from SOTA official web-site (partially modified)




Rumble:  less than -60db unweighted (10cm/sec @ 1000Hz)

Wow & Flutter:   less than .04% RMS

Suspension: tuned 4-point stretched-spring sub-chassis, 2.55 Hz frequency

Bearing:  thrust pad; polished sapphire disc; thrust point: zirconium ball

Transmission: belt driven

Speeds:    33-1/3 and 45 RPM, electronically switchable with fine tuning

Weight: 44 lb (20 kg) turntable only; 20 lb (9 kg) pump and motor unit

Dimensions:  7-1/2" H (to top of dust cover), 20-1/4" W, 16-1/2" D








Is available on request  the user's guide.






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