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McIntosh MQ102

Environmental Equalizer



Top view

Left and right low frequency controls. Input attenuator (0/ -6 / -12 dB). Tape Monitor (out/in)


Main input -  Main output – Tape monitor input – Tape output (Left and right)



Interior view


Finish: black and chrome.

Separate L&R low frequency controls. Tape monitor switch for use with receiver. Input attenuator.

Dimensions : 2-1/2"H, 6-3/4"W and 4-1/8"D. Weight 2-1/2 lb. Sold from 1970-1978.




Response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz +/- 0.5dB

Distortion: Will not exceed 0.1% at rated output from 20Hz to 20kHz,

Hum and noise: -80dB below rated output

Input sensitivity: 2.5V

Input impedance: 60k ohms

Input attenuator switch: 0dB, -6dB and -12dB

Output: 2.5V into 47k ohms or more

Equalization: 0 to +17dB at 20Hz in 5 steps (0, +6, +9, +13 and +17dB) in positions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 respectively.

Finish: Black and chrome


Is available on request the service manual


I’m looking for a copy of the owner’s manual












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