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McIntosh MI-3

Maximum performance indicator




FRONT PANEL : anodized gold and black glass. Indicator screen. Audio display (min. to max).

Power switch.Scope test (L/R audio-Multipath-Test). Horizontal position. Vertical position. Focus. Intensity.



REAR PANEL : Fuse ( 1A slo-blo). AC outlet (unswitched). Multipath controls: signal strength (vertical).

Deviation (horizontal). Audio controls : left and right gain. Signal strength input (TP1). Deviation input (TP2).

Left audio input. Left audio output. Right audio input.. Right audio output.



Tube & Semiconductor compliment

1—3RP1, 3 inch cathode ray tube.
4—6EA8, horizontal and vertical deflection amplifiers.
1—6EA8, electronic voltage regulator.
2—OB2, voltage regulators.
1—Selenium rectifier, high voltage rectifier.
6—Selenium rectifiers, low-voltage supply.
4—silicon planar transistors.




Multipath Reception

“ Multipath reception is the result of a reflected signal arriving at the tuner antenna slightly later than the direct signal. When multipath is improperly tuned it degrades performance (increasing background noise, distorting the program signal, reducing stereo separation or eliminating the stereo effect completely).

To show multipath reception, the MI 3 displays instantaneously signal strength versus frequency deviation. Signal strength is shown as vertical deflection of the indicator display beam. Frequency deviation is shown as horizontal deflection. Multipath reception appears as a peak or valley in the MI 3 picture tube display.” ( from the original owner’s manual)


Audio Patterns




Are available on request  the owner’s and the service manual with schematics.







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