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DBX Model 118

Dynamic Range Enhancer


 FRONT PANEL :  Above threshold / linear switch – below / above pilot lamps -  threshold control ( 2 V – 10 mV) – Compress / Expand control


BACK PANEL : Quad. Coupler ( four channel operational) -  1th / 2nd channel  Inputs – Outputs ( to preamp tape in and to tape aux in).




DBX short history

Dbx, Inc. was an American Company, founded by  David E. Blackmer in 1971, for production of professional audio recording equipment. The early products were based on the concept of using a new technique of compression/expansion, called linear decibel companding, which gave the company its name, for reducing the tape noise. The term companding is the portmanteau (combination of two or more words) of compressing and expanding.      The dbx noise reduction system, surely more effective then the previous Dolby system in reducing tape noise, used compression while recording an audio track and symmetric expansion when playing it back.

In 1976 they introduced the dbx 160 compressor, based on new circuits for much smoother gain reduction, named Overeasy Compression, a soft-knee when compression first starts. The 163 and 164 series came successively.

Dbx manufactured only signal processing equipment until was bought in 1979 by BSR (Birmingham Sound Reproducers), a British manufacturer of record player turntables.

The dbx production line ends in 1989, when the BSR was acquired by Chinese Sanju Chiba and changed its name to ELP, solding out the dbx business.

Are available on request the owner’s manual and schematics.

Sono disponibili a richiesta il manuale di istruzioni e gli schemi.

Is available on request the abstract of testing performed by the Italian hi-fi magazine Stereoguida (no.14,1979).

E' disponibile a richiesta l'estratto della prova tecnica eseguita dalla rivista italiana Stereoguida (n.14,1979).



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