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Mono Tube Amplifier


The Italian C.G.E.  (Compagnia Generale Elettricità)  was founded  in 1921 (Milan). Successively the Company formed too a joint-venture  with US General Electric, producing various electric equipments.  This one represents surely a rare exemplar of its audio amplifier production. I never seen another alike and i don’t know its specifications. I believe that it have been produced in 50’s.  

FRONT PANEL : Volume microphone 1 – Volume mic 2 -  Volume phono – Hi control – Low control – Power switch.





REAR PANEL : Speaker impedance selector – Power supply – Voltage selector (110 to 275V) -  Mic 1 and 2 inputs – Phono input.






UPPER VIEW : (3) 6J7GT– (1) 6SL7 – (2) 6L6G (RCA) – (1) 5X4


6J7GT : The common standard valve for audio amplifier input stages and audio systems in 1950's and 1960’s.

6SL7GT:  a medium impedance double triode.

6L6 (G) : beam power tetrode.

5X4 :   high vacuum rectifier.



I don’t know the specifications of this unit. If do you have other notices, please let me know.


Non posseggo altre notizie relative all’apparecchio. Prego chi le possedesse di contattarmi.





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