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Medical, biocide research may open new markets for silver Mineweb
RENO, NV (Mineweb.com) --New research into silver’s medical and antibacterial properties may mean good news for silver miners, who are hoping for yet another consumer application for their product.

My Experiences With Colloidal Silver… [Archive] - Gold & Silver Forum
So I had had genital herpes for about 20 years before I discovered colloidal silver. After taking the colloidal silver I have not had any return of symptoms
Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold
The Finest Colloidal Silver Site on the Internet, Colloidal Gold, Like many other viruses, the herpes virus has the ability to conceal itself inside the
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colloidal silver, colloidal minerals, colloidal gold, Candida, candida albacans, herpes, Herpes Simplex II, colloidal defense, colloidal DNA boost,
Colloidal Silver, Naturopath, Infection, Colds, Flu, Allergies
Colloidal Silver, naturopath, infection, colds, flu, allergies, bladder infection, genital herpes, bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite, yeast infection.
Colloidal Silver
Will kill 99.9% of bacterias and fungus including Candida and will lessen the irritation of such viruses as Herpes. Colloidal Silver highly increases heal
Colloidal Silver - Super Antibiotic Rediscovery? - Natural Health
Colloidal silver appears to be a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventative gonorrhea, hay fever, herpes, impetigo, indigestion, keratitis, leprosy,
Herpes and Colloidal Silver.
Herpes and Colloidal Silver. please flag with care : [miscategorized] no known adverse effects from the use of properly prepared Colloidal Silver,
herpasil - herpes cure
Product for the treatment herpes cure. Colloidal silver is a very powerful natural antibiotic. Dietary supplement silver has been used for thousands of
Herpes Information
Herpes Information, a disease that is caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Colloidal Silver destroys bacteria and viruses.
Colloidal Silver Comments and Feedback
Colloidal Silver is a product that people are trying in an attempt to treat all sorts of things including herpes viruses. colloidal+silver+herpes: colloidal+silver+herpes
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